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They claim that Maripily won first place in La Casa de los Famosos by fraud

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Maripily Casa, win, fraud
Did Maripily Casa win due to fraud? (Photo: Instagram)
  • Maripily wins with controversy
  • Lupillo Rivera was the favorite of many
  • Rodrigo Romeh comes in second place

Not even 24 hours have passed, and many people are claiming that Maripily’s victory in «La Casa de los Famosos» was fraudulent.

According to many, the true winner should have been the singer Lupillo Rivera, who finished in third place.

Meanwhile, influencer Rodrigo Romeh secured second place and a $100,000 prize.

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Maripily celebrates her victory

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They claim that Maripily won first place in La Casa de los Famosos by fraud. / PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

After leaving «La Casa de los Famosos,» Maripily did a live broadcast on her social media.

According to information from El Universal, the Puerto Rican model stated that she never stopped believing in herself or in the audience that would support her.

«I wasn’t afraid to say things to people’s faces; they saw me as I am,» she asserted.

However, many internet users claim that if Maripily won first place on LCDLF, it was due to fraud.

«You will be remembered as the most vulgar»

Maripily Casa de los Famosos, fraud, offenses, vulgar, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

On the Instagram account Chismecito Channel, a video was shared showing Maripily after her exit from «La Casa de los Famosos.»

What the Puerto Rican model didn’t anticipate was the wave of attacks she would receive shortly thereafter:

«Vulgarity won,» «You will always be remembered as the most vulgar and unbearable contestant of all the seasons.»

Meanwhile, one person claimed that there was fraud in this reality show and that Maripily is aware of it. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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