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Maripily reveals whether she made peace with Lupillo Rivera

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Maripily talks about Lupillo and if they made up (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Maripily talks about Lupillo after winning LCDLF.
  • Is the singer jealous of the influencer?
  • Some fans say she’s obsessed with Lupillo.

MARIPILY TALKS ABOUT LUPILLO! After being crowned the new winner of La Casa de los Famosos, Maripily did not hesitate to talk about her relationship with Lupillo Rivera.

After her statements, fans of the Mexican singer pointed out the they thing «she is obsessed» with Rivera.

During her time on the popular reality show, the singer and the businesswoman had a tense relationship due to comments both made.

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Maripily talks about Lupillo after LCDLF win

Maripily, Lupillo Rivera, La Casa De Los Famosos, reality show, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

The night of the grand finale of La Casa De Los Famosos revealed more than just the name of the winner.

Maripily spoke about her relationship with Lupillo Rivera.

«I understand that he is a man who is envious of successful women, strong women,» said the influencer.

The negative comments and friction between the two did not go unnoticed by fans, further fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship.

‘It looks like he’s ashamed’


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From the beginning of the reality show, viewers witnessed the ups and downs in the dynamic between Maripily and Lupillo.

So they were not surprised when the influencer said that everything seemed to indicate that the singer was «embarrassed.»

«He was still wearing glasses because he didn’t even want to see, it even seemed like he was ashamed,» declared the Puerto Rican actress.

«Because I told him: ‘Why do you have glasses? I don’t understand,’” Maripily highlighted in recent comments to the press.

Maripily didn’t even want to see Lupillo!

However, it was after Maripily’s victory that light was shed on the true nature of her relationship with Lupillo Rivera.

The model pointed out that when saying goodbye to her fellow houseguests, she avoided Lupillo Rivera because of his attitude towards her.

«I said goodbye to my colleagues, but not to him, I didn’t say goodbye at all,» added the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 4.

«He thought I was a sanganita around there, he came to talk to me almost last,» she told Suelta la Sopa.

Fans don’t believe Maripily!

Living together in the house not only revealed their personalities and differences, but also revealed the complexity of their bond.

While some viewers felt there was an undeniable chemistry between the pair, others pointed out a constant clash of egos and opinions.

«Maripily is upset because Lupillo never listened to her.» «Oh, please. Apart from winning, she still can’t get Lupillo out of her mouth,» some commented.

«She fell in love with Lupillo just like that.» «That is why Lupillo didn’t want anything to do with her.» «This old woman fell in love with Lupillo,» others wrote.

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