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Maripily Rivera appears singing and sends a dedication to Lupillo using her “enemies”

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Maripily sends dedication to Lupillo (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Maripily sends a dedication to Lupillo.
  • Conflicts persist after reality show.
  • Mixed reactions on social media.

The controversy persists after completing the fourth season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the popular reality show broadcast by Telemundo.

Especially after the frequent conflicts that occurred between Maripily, who was crowned the winner, and Lupillo, the third finalist.

Now, a video has begun to circulate through social media that has been taken as a dedication by the Puerto Rican to the regional Mexican singer.

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Controversy after the end of La Casa de los Famosos

Reality, Program, Television, Actress, Maripily sends dedication to Lupillo
Photo: Mezcalo

The controversial video has been published through Maripily Rivera’s official account within the popular TikTok platform.

In this recording the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ appears with a black dress with a pronounced neckline.

She also sports huge dark sunglasses, her hair loose, and off-white high-heeled boots to give a different touch to her look.

In the post, Maripily appears performing several songs, which have been taken as a special dedication to Lupillo Rivera.

Thanks to Nodal for his support message

Christian Nodal, Telemundo, Show, Celebrities, Entertainment
Photo: Mezcalo

First of all, the Puerto Rican appears singing: “I want you to lower your voice when I’m thinking about you, to leave me alone when I imagine you.”

After that, Maripily questions her followers: “What other songs do you want? You will choose everything, I am going to make a video of all the songs.”

Then, she decides to perform one of Christian Nodal’s successful songs, remember that the singer showed his full support for Maripily during her stay in LCDLF.

“Botella tras botella so I can forget about it, thank you Christian Nodal,” mentioned the winner of the famous Telemundo reality show.

The special dedication to Lupillo Rivera

Message, Social Networks, Impact, Controversy, Scandal
Maripily sends a dedication to Lupillo while singing-Photo: Meznivel

“That is Christian Nodal that I love, love and adore, thanks for the message, Anuel and my beautiful friend Olga Tañón,” Maripily mentioned.

After that she expressed in a melody tone: “That man is a liar,” stating that “I pointed to Lupillo” every time she sang that song.

«Don’t be fooled by the silly face he had and many other things,» said Maripily, referring to the singer.

With this it was clear that everything said in the video was a special dedication to Lupillo, with whom he had several roses in LCDLF 4.

Reactions and controversy on social media

Shows, Reactions, Shock, Controversy, Singer
Photo: Screenshot TikTok Maripily

Of course, the reactions from Internet users did not take long to appear in the comments box.

“I love your personality”, “You are unique! Authentic, a hurricane”, “That’s bullying”, “Aren’t you going to win Lupillo”, it reads.

“No to defamation”, “Hahaha I love your sense of humor”, “You deserved to have that award”, “We love you Maripily”, others shared.

Without a doubt, the controversy does not stop despite the most famous program on Hispanic television having ended. HERE can you watch the video.

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