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A leaked statement reveals what Maripily will say to Lupillo

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Maripily's statement to Lupillo (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • The dramas continue in La Casa de los Famosos.
  • Maripily plans to confront Lupillo.
  • What will she say to him?

La Casa de los Famosos is getting ready to say goodbye to another member, and among them could be the singer Lupillo Rivera.

The residents are gearing up for the positioning as they need to be prepared for what will be said.

Maripily got into a shouting match with Lupillo, sparking a scandal in La Casa de los Famosos.

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Photo: Mezcalent

Puerto Rican entrepreneur finds herself among the five nominees to be eliminated from the competition this Monday.

The nomination of La Bronca, Alfredo Adame, Cristina Porta, and Lupillo Rivera creates tension among contestants and fans of the show.

Contestants are fighting to stay as uncertainty about the expulsion persists. They strive to demonstrate their worth in the competition.

The atmosphere is filled with nervousness and anticipation, as each week poses a new and decisive challenge on the path to victory.

Ready for confrontations

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Photo: Mezcalent

During a conversation with Adame, whom the Puerto Rican entrepreneur ironically dubbed «The Scorpion» in one of the positionings, she was outlining part of her strategy for today.

With determination, the Puerto Rican businesswoman revealed her meticulously designed plans to face the imminent elimination.

However, with confidence, the entrepreneur laid out her arguments and strategies, seeking to ensure her stay in the competition.

Amidst the uncertainty, every word uttered carried significant weight, shaping the fate of the competitors.

They accuse Lupillo of being an abuser

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Photo: Mezcalent

The Mexican actor urged Maripily to confront Lupillo and tell him: «You’ve been divorced two or three times because you paid your wives, because of your alcohol problems.»

«Is he an alcoholic?» the model asked Adame again. «Yes, he had many problems with drugs and alcohol,» the actor assured her.

«And an abuser? Did he really hit her? I’m not talking nonsense, am I?» Maripily insisted, seeking confirmation from another of the nominees.

The issues between Maripily and Lupillo escalated further last week when she severed ties with her roommates.

What will she say to Lupillo?

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Photo: Instagram

The Puerto Rican woman told the actor what she would say: «Do you know why you say I’m all that? Yes, because you failed with all your women.»

«For being an alcoholic and an abuser, and you’re not going to do it with me. I demand respect and you’re going to respect me,» Maripily said.

Meanwhile, Alfredo Adame only encouraged her to continue with her plan since he also has issues with Lupillo.

The Mexican actor even told his fellow contestant that Lupillo’s career had declined due to problems with alcohol.

Will Maripily sink?


Ver esta publicación en Instagram


Una publicación compartida por @escandalo_o

People who don’t miss the 24/7 coverage of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos didn’t overlook this moment.

And this snippet of the conversation made its way to Instagram, where users began commenting on the situation.

«I hope Lupillo doesn’t respond and just tells her he’ll give her a hug,» commented one fan of the singer.

«Maripily is such a hateful person,» «She’s going to sink herself,» «Adame is helping her sink.»

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