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Maribel Guardia’s husband speaks after Julián Figueroa’s death

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Esposo de Maribel Guardia habla tras la muerte de Julián Figueroa
  • Maribel Guardia’s husband Marco Chacón spoke to the press after Julián Figueroa’s death.
  • He says he’s devastated.
  • He couldn’t hold back his tears.

A tragedy struck the entertainment world in Mexico on Sunday April 10, with the death of Julián Figueroa. He was the son of Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian. Recently, Maribel’s husband, Marco Chacón, spoke for first time on the subject.

Marco was intercepted at the airport by paparazzi who asked him about what happened. Maribel’s husband said that he was devastated and couldn’t hold back his tears.

Maribel Guardia’s husband speaks to the press about Julián Figueroa’s death

Maribel's husband's statements about Julián's death
PHOTO: Instagram

Maribel’s husband began by saying that he still cannot believe what happened, stating that he didn’t sleep all night due to the tragedy. He said it was totally unexpected.

«Well, nothing guys, I’m very sorry for everyone, I’ve just landed, we’re shocked, we’re in shock, personally I still haven’t gotten my head around it, I didn’t sleep, I spent the whole night talking things on the phone with different people.»

Marco talked about Julián’s health

Marco is devastated, he talked about Julián's state of health
PHOTO: Instagram

The paparazzi asked Marco about Julián’s health before he died. Marco stated that overall he was healthy but had recently contracted COVID-19.

«He had no health problems, he had COVID-19 recently and he had never had it, it was just recently.» They also asked him about Julián’s mental health, to which he said, «He was fine, completely fine.»

Marco breaks down in tears in front of the cameras

Sad and defeated, Marco breaks down in tears in front of the cameras
PHOTO: Instagram

Finishing up, Marco said that both he and Maribel are devastated, adding that he had to give her the sad news. Moments later, he burst into tears in front of the cameras.

“I was with him (Julián) since he was two years old, I’ve accompanied him at every stage of his life, it’s crazy that he’s ahead of us so young… I have spoken a little with her (Maribel), I had to give her the news, I waited for her to leave the theater and for her to have dinner on the way. I gave her the news on the way, the truth is that she is not well, she’s very unwell, she’s devastated.» Maribel Guardia’s husband concluded.

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