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Maribel Guardia breaks the silence about the attacks she received from her mother-in-law

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Maribel Guardia breaks the silence (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Maribel Guardia Speaks Out About Accusations from Her Son’s Mother-in-Law’s.
  • For the first time, the actress publicly responds.
  • She makes revealing statements to the press.

Maribel Guardia has found herself at the center of a storm after her son’s mother-in-law sparked significant controversy.

Imeldita Tuñón set off a wave of rumors and contentious remarks involving the acclaimed actress and, by extension, her family.

These comments fueled speculation about a possible marital crisis between the singer and her husband, Marcos Chacón.

Moreover, the mother-in-law also raised questions about Guardia’s relationship with her stepdaughter, Imelda Garza Tuñón, and their grandson, José Julián.

Maribel Guardia speaks after the controversy

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Photo: Mezcalent

Having previously kept silent on the matter, Maribel Guardia finally broke her reserve and spoke out on the Mexican show ‘Ventaneando.’

Throughout the conversation, the actress maintained a tone of understanding and expressed goodwill towards Imeldita, yet she refrained from delving into specifics.

The press approached Maribel Guardia to learn more about her stance on the issue, especially since she had remained silent until then.

Despite these recent events, the actress and singer continues to concentrate on her theatrical projects and moving forward following the passing of her son, Julián Figueroa.

The controversy unleashed by the mother-in-law

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Photo: Mezcalent

She hadn’t given much attention to the negative comments made against her until last Friday, December 1st.

When surrounded by the press after one of her performances in ‘Lagunilla mi barrio,’ she was immediately asked about the issue.

«I’m not going to talk about that because, you know, (Imeldita Garza) is Ime’s family, and I care about her deeply,» she remarked to ‘Ventaneando.’

«It was unfortunate, but God bless her. What I focus on is taking care of Ime, loving her, protecting her, and of course, my grandson,» the actress stated.

The priority: family care

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Photo: Mezcalent

«If she had wanted to leave and take the child, there would have been nothing I could do,» she stated, confirming that Imelda has chosen to stay with her.

«But I also understand that he’s not my son, he’s my grandson, and one day Ime is going to rebuild her life and take him with her,» she shared.

«As long as I have him, I’ll be the happiest in the world, and I’ll protect and love both of them,» revealed the actress known for ‘Corona de Lágrimas.’

Guardia emphasized that she has been respecting her daughter-in-law’s decisions and is focusing on caring for and loving her grandson as much as she is allowed.

Commitment to her grandson

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Photo: Mezcalent

Despite the challenging circumstances, Maribel Guardia underscored her commitment to providing love and protection to both her daughter-in-law and grandson.

She expressed that although her time with the child may be limited, she will cherish every moment, vowing to be ‘the happiest in the world’ and to ensure his well-being at all times.

The artist clarified that her relationship with her mother-in-law remains unresolved, and there hasn’t been any direct communication between them.

Amidst these differences and the physical distance, Maribel Guardia remains mindful of her role and responsibilities as José Julián’s grandmother.

Her role as grandmother and support for Imelda Tuñón

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Maribel Guardia attacks mother-in-law-Photo: Mezcalent

Imelda Garza Tuñón also addressed the issue, confirming that she had spoken with her mother, who apologized for the situation.

Despite the turmoil, the actress has put the conflict behind her and is now focusing on welcoming the New Year with her family.

This demonstrates her commitment to moving forward and leaving behind the family controversy in pursuit of tranquility.

She also disclosed that «it has been the worst year of her life,» attributing this to the loss of her son Julián Figueroa.  HERE THE VIDEO.

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