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Does she have a pact with the devil? Maribel Guardia shows off a dazzling body at 63

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  • The Mexican beauty leaves her thousands of fans speechless again.
  • Does Maribel Guardia have a pact with the devil?
  • The strange condition that prevents the actress from drinking water.

Maribel Guardia shows off a dazzling body. It is no surprise that Maribel Guardia has an impressive body because the actress has worked on her figure from a very young age — it is what she’s done for more than 20 years. The Mexican actress is still a topic of conversation when it comes to incredible figures.

Her followers try to let her know every day. On the other hand, there are those who say that the ex of late singer Joan Sebastian has that incredible figure thanks to surgery. There are also people who claim that Maribel Guardia made a pact with the devil. Is it true?

Maribel Guardia dazzles at the beach

Maribel Guardia shows off an impact body
PHOTO: Instagram

The host shared a new photo on Instagram where she is wearing a tiny blue and red bikini that highlights all her curves and her incredible abs. The 63-year-old actress has caused a lot of envy among her followers…

The ex of Joan Sebastian has been judged in a quite controversial way, as some people have said that she has some kind of pact with the devil because she looks so amazing for her age. «Oh my God, what a beautiful body you have Maribel. I think you have made a pact with the devil or you belong to some illuminati sect, because this is not normal,” commented a fan on Instagram.

She is one of the most beautiful women

Maribel Guardia shows off an impact body
PHOTO: Instagram

However, Julián Figueroa’s mother has received hundreds of positive comments because she maintains her figure with diet and a lot of exercise. “With people like you, who would doubt the love of God? I admire and recognize your matchless beauty.” “The sexiest in the world.» “Completely spectacular.”

With more than 100,000 likes, Guardia once again confirms that being in good shape and showing off a dazzling figure does not depend on age. The actress is the clear example that discipline can go a very long way.

The actress has a strange condition

PHOTO: Instagram

Maribel Guardia announced that she doesn’t drink water due to a rare health condition.
The actress said that the liquid actually hurts her since she suffers from dysautonomia, which occurs when there is a malfunction in the autonomic nervous system.

Agencia Reforma reported that this is the part of the nervous system that controls heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and other automatic processes of the body. «That’s why I don’t drink water,» she told the media. “Water completely washes away the sodium from my body, so during the day I drink a lot of sports drinks.”

Yuri also has this rare condition

PHOTO: Reforma Agency

The singer also said that due to this condition she sometimes faints, since it causes sudden drops in blood pressure. Yuri also suffers from this disease, so Maribel contacted her to give her some tips on how to cope with it. However, she couldn’t help the singer much, since her dysautonomia is much more complicated.

“I spoke to Yuri, because I told her: ‘Hey how is it that you’re dying?’ Then she explained to me that hers is different, because I was born with my dysautonomia. Mine lowers my pressure and Yuri’s blood pressure rises to the sky and that is very dangerous. Whenever I exercised, I drank a lot of water and first I felt half happy and then, on the ground, I lost consciousness,» Guardia said.

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