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Maribel Guardia shares a video of Julián’s urn and his house after the funeral (VIDEO)

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FOTO: Getty Images
  • Maribel Guardia shares an emotional video.
  • She showed Julián Figueroa’s urn.
  • What happened at his house after the funeral?

A little less than a week after the sudden death of her son Julián Figueroa, soap opera actress Maribel Guardia shared a video where you can see the urn containing his ashes and his hosue after the funeral.

The singer also expressed her gratitude for everything she’s received in memory of her son Julián, who died on Sunday, April 9.

Maribel Guardia shows Julián’s urn and his house after the funeral

Maribel Guardia shows Julián's urn and how his house was left after the funeral
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

After this, several entertainment personalities, family members, friends and the media gathered outside Maribel’s residence that she shared with her son. The son of Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian was found unresponsive in the guest room there.

Looking devastated, Guardia left her home for the first time in days to explain in her own words what happened to her her son, in addition to asking everyone to respect what a difficult time she was going through.

«Thank you for so much love»

The actress noted: "Thanks for much love"
PHOTO: Capture Instagram @maribelguardia

Maribel has been grateful that people have given her space to process her grief over the last few days. Now, in an emotional video, she is thanking everyone.

“I want to thank the press for the more than 25 flower arrangements that they sent with personal resources (not their media’s), and all my friends and colleagues for all the love they sent. God bless you. Thank you for so much love,” Maribel said.

Juliancito’s ashes

In this urn now rest the remains of 'Juliancito'
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

In the video, you can see Julián Figueroa’s house after his funeral was held there, confirming that the place was full of floral arrangements.

Likewise, something that caught everyone’s attention was how Maribel Guardia herself showed the urn holding Juliancito’s remains. It’s a dark small box, and next to it there’s a plate of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Maribel receives messages of support

Users and friends did not hesitate to send an emotional message to the devastated mother
PHOTO: Capture Instagram @maribelguardia

Quickly, a large number of followers and friends sent an emotional messages to the devastated mother.

“All the love and affection that you deserve.” “May each flower remind you of the love and prayers that we say for you so that you have peace, dearest Maribel.” “You’re a queen, we’re always with you. I hug you,” are just a few.

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