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Maribel Guardia resurfaces after her son’s death

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  • Maribel Guardia resurfaces after her son’s death.
  • The actress breaks her silence.
  • «There is no greater pain than burying a child.»

Maribel Guardia resurfaces after her son’s death. On April 9, Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian’s son, Julián Figueroa, was found unresponsive at his home. The cause of his death still remains a mystery, since many don’t it was a heart attack.

Actress and singer Maribel Guardia stated that her son’s funeral would take place behind closed doors, and only his relatives and acquaintances would be allowed access. She shared this on social media.


Maribel Guardia reappears

Now, after the wake, Maribel Guardia has spoken to the press: «I still think that is  a dream, but today the flowers arrived, the truth is that the house is so beautiful, full of flowers with good energy… so much affection from people that I really did not expect it, that so many people sent me such beautiful things, that they said nice things to me, I appreciate it.”

The artist tearfully asked all the public who were watching to pray for her and for her son who passed away at the age of 27. “And I ask everyone who is watching me to pray a lot for my son and for us so that we can have courage,” she added.


Maribel Guardia reappears: She is devastated

Unable to contain her tears, Maribel Guardia told heartbreaking details of what she found when she got home. She says that her grandson drew a picture of himself and his father before his death, depicting them as lions. She also said something strange happened the day before he died.

“Curiously, the day before, Julián when I was leaving for the theater, he said to me, ‘Do you have a Diurex (tape) mom?’ I was running to the theater as always. I looked for it and couldn’t find it. ‘Lend me a Kola Loka, because look at the drawing that Julián made for me and it was the big lion and the little lion. When I arrived and found my son dead, the drawing was taped to the wall,» the actress told the media.


"I beg for understanding"

«I beg for your understanding of what we are going through. I would like to talk to all the people who are trying to communicate, but I really don’t have the strength to do it yet. At this moment I have no soul to answer anyone, I hope to be able to do it at another time,» said Maribel.

Finally, the singer also expressed thanks for the support from her fans and her colleagues in the entertainment world. She asked for privacy during this difficult time.


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Lastly, she asked God and all the parents to take care of their children: “And I ask God and all those who are watching, that they see their children grow up and get married and that their children bury you, for that there is no greater pain than burying a child. I don’t wish it on anyone to go through this great pain,»

Internet users immediately commented: «The truth is that I don’t know them very much, I’m Argentine but the words of their mother move me, forces, forces, forces.» «God give comfort to your heart Maribel. What a great sadness.”

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