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Maribel Guardia remembers her son days before her birthday

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  • Maribel remembers her son days before her birthday.
  • Julián would have been 28 years old on May 2.
  • Will the actress do something to commemorate it?

On April 9 singer Julián Figueroa, the only son of actress Maribel Guardia, unexpectedly suffered a heart attack. His wife, Imelda Tunón, found him lifeless in their home. Now his mother remembers him with sadness.

Since the singer’s death, Maribel has made it known that she will stand by her daughter-in-law and her grandson. More than a month after this incident, the soap opera actress has not stopped remembering her son.

Julián passed away a month before his birthday

Close to Julián's birthday!
PHOTO: Instagram

The youngest son of Joan Sebastian, would have turned 28 on May 2. Maribel will celebrate 64 years of life on May 29 and she recalled on social media how her son used to surprise her on this special date.

There is no doubt that Julián was very close to his mother and the actress has made it very clear, as she shared the special way her son treated her on her birthday. Maribel must be very sad to spend her first birthday without her son.

Maribel’s first birthday without her child

The first birthday without your child
PHOTO: Instagram

«Almost a year ago celebrating my birthday. God, how can I not miss my boy? He would arrive the night before at 12 o’clock with a gift, roses, and he would sing to me with his guitar,» the actress began on Instagram.

«I am hanging by the hand of God to help me go through this tunnel of pain and tears and with the illusion of finding light at the end.» Days after Julián’s funeral, Maribel had commented that she was calm because, «God is the one who gave him to me and God took him away from me.»

Maribel wants to reunite with her son

Maribel Guardia heartbreaking message: She wants to reunite with her son
PHOTO: Instagram

«I know that Julián lives in the heart of God and that one day we will meet. And I promise you that I will get ahead. But these dates break my heart.»

The video she shared is a compilation of photos and videos of what appears to be last year’s celebration. Julián was with her as well as his widow Imelda Tuñón and their son José Julián.

Fans support her

Maribel Guardia heartbreaking message: Receive support
PHOTO: Instagram

«He was a great son and person and all thanks to how you raised him. He was always special on the birthdays of anyone around him and it’s only right because you instilled in him how important birthdays were to celebrate the lives of our loved ones,» one fan commented.

«Big hug my beautiful, much love for you and your family always. I hope to see you soon and hug you, it’s almost our birthday!» «I hug you so much my beloved Beauty!!!!» «A big hug dear Maribel. There you have a wonderful light that illuminates you from above!!!»

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