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Maribel Guardia surprises everyone by posing in lingerie

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  • The Costa Rican beauty has surprised everyone.
  • At 63 Maribel Guardia poses in lingerie and looks amazing.
  • What is her secret?

Maribel Guardia continues to show that age is just a number because, at 63, she has an enviable figure and she doesn’t hesitate to show it off every chance she gets. The actress and singer has surprised  her Instagram followers with a spicy photograph.

Every time she shows off her incredible body, people ask what her secret is for looking so young and healthy at over 60 years of age. Although Maribel has always said that she does not have «the formula for eternal youth», everyone wants to know her routine.

Forever young Maribel

always young maribel
PHOTO: Instagram

Maribel began her career as a model participating in the Miss Costa Rica pageant at the beginning of 1978, when she was 19. She won the title and, with it, the right to represent her native country that same year in the international Miss Universe pageant.

Maribel knows the true secret of immortality: maintaining a healthy life in which exercise plays an important role — at least that is what the Costa Rican beauty has said in multiple interviews. It’s also what she shows on social media. FILED UNDER: Maribel Guardia lingerie

Maribel Guardia is compared to Cher

She is compared to Cher
PHOTO: Instagram

Cher celebrated her 76th birthday on May 20. The «Goddess of Pop» celebrated another year of life and everyone wonders if she is a vampire because it seems that she has stopped aging.

The Believe singer has been compared to Maribel Guardia, since the Costa Rican seems to have also found the formula for eternal youth. Followers on social media ask them for beauty tips and how they stay so young.

Maribel Guardia poses in lingerie

Maribel Guardia underwear: Surprise everyone
PHOTO: Instagram

«New Year New Life. Put on my extreme waistband so that with it and good habits you can achieve the figure of your dreams. Buy it at @solbeautyandcareoficial and don’t forget to put my discount code: GUARDIA. You are going to love her.» Maribel wrote on Instagram.

This description was accompanied by a photograph of the actress and singer wearing a skin-colored bodysuit, which suited her very well and made her look even slimmer than usual.

Maribel is showered with compliments

Maribel Guardia underwear: compliments reach her
PHOTO: Instagram

«You are unreal! My respects and admiration from woman to woman. You are impressive.” “Wow what a waist! What a gross, what a great body, friend.” Maribel Guardia’s tiny waist was complimented by her followers.

“As soon as the year begins and they are already humiliating us with that great body.” “I want Maribel Guardia’s surgeon.” “But what a wonderful woman.” The actress has always been praised for her beautiful figure, that she still has at 63, and it seems that she gets better every year.

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