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Maribel Guardia pays tribute to her son Julián Figueroa in a video

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Julián Figueroa
  • Maribel Guardia pays tribute to her son Julián Figueroa.
  • She shares a video honoring his successes on Facebook.
  • It sparks pain and nostalgia among her followers.

Maribel Guardia pays tribute to her son. She shared a video on her official Facebook account honoring her son Julián Figueroa’s short life. It caused sensation among his fans who still cannot quite believe singer Joan Sebastian’s son’s sudden death at 27.

The actress wrote the following: “Something much of Julián in this short life. Thank you all for the expressions of affection from him. Fly high Julian; From here we celebrate your life. We love you.” The message touched many hearts.


Maribel Guardia Julian Figueroa
Photo Youtube

In her first words in front of the cameras, the singer’s mother said that the entire Figueroa family, including the widow of her ex-husband and father of her son, singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian, came to her home. She also said that her family in Costa Rica is supporting her in this difficult time and thanked her husband, Marco Chacón, for helping her raise her son.

Guardia could not contain her tears and was embraced by her daughter-in-law, Imelda Garza Tuñón, the mother of Figueroa’s only child. «Thank God, this beautiful girl is now here, my precious daughter-in-law,» said Guardia. She pointed out that it will be her job to continue helping to raise her grandson and remembered Figueroa as a dedicated father.


Son Joan Sebastian
Photo Youtube

In the video that lasts just over 17 minutes, you can clips of each of the singer’s performances. It’s obvious he shared the DNA of two great artists who were always popular with the Mexican public.

People commented: “We embrace you with all our hearts. As mothers we know the infinite love you have for a child. God will give you the strength to cope with his absence. And I am sure that he is with you, hugging you and telling you… Mother, I am well and happy with my Father and my brothers. Do not suffer or cry for me, this place is wonderful.»


Maribel Guardia Julian Figueroa
AP Photo

Several people commented: “My deepest condolences. His departure has hurt me a lot because he was a child that we saw grow through the media. A charming boy in every way and for the heartbreaking pain that you must be going through as a mother.” “I embrace you with my soul, from Costa Rica, may God give you a lot of strength and resignation. A hug from Costa Rica.”

«God bless you always and now give love to the little angel that your son left you to protect and guide you on the right path as you did with him and very true as you say God gave it to you and God took away, but he left you a daughter and a wonderful grandson and with them you will be able to get ahead my dear lady, God bless you always, courage, warrior lady you can.»

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