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Maribel Guardia and Imelda Garza burst into tears in the middle of mass

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Novenario Julián Figueroa
  • Details of Mexican singer Julián Figueroa’s mass revealed.
  • His mother and wife burst into tears.
  • There was a peaceful atmosphere.

Maribel Guardia and Imelda Garza break down in tears at the last mass dedicated to Mexican singer Julián Figueroa. This ceremony took place a couple of days ago at the actress’s house. She hosted the ceremony for her son’s loved ones, according to TV y Novelas.

Since the Mexican singer’s untimely death, the entertainment world has been plunged into sadness because he was beloved by the public as the son of Joan Sebastian and one of the most popular actresses in Mexico.


Julian Figueroa Novena
Photo Twitter

Television host Daniel Bisogno shared what happened that day on Ventaneando, since he was invited by the family. He also said he was glad to be there because he was able to hug Maribel Guardia during this difficult time.

The entertainment news host said that when he arrived at the place he felt «a halo of peace due to the large number of crowns and floral arrangements that Maribel Guardia and Imelda Garza Tuñón have received.


Mourning shows Mexico
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The host said the following: “I was lucky to have been invited, and I say lucky because I was able to get close and give Maribel a hug.» Immediately afterwards, Daniel Bisogno described the meeting with the family as «very tender and reflective».

Daniel Bisogno revealed that some celebrities, such as Araceli Arámbula, Violeta Isfel and Ariel Miramontes attended the mass and stayed by Maribel’s side throughout. Her husband was also there supporting his wife.


Julian Figueroa Novena
Photo Twitter

The host added: «Maribel offered those present cakes and croissants, showing that despite her great pain, she’s still paying attention to those around her.»

The host said that he also saw José Julián, the late singer’s son. «Suddenly I heard his laughter when he went down from his room to the living room where the mass was taking place, while asking to be served a bowl of cereal.»

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