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Maribel Guardia shares a devastating post about her son two months after his death

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  • Maribel Guardia shares a devastating post about her son.
  • Two months after Julián Figueroa’s death, his mother is still grieving.
  • She made a shocking confession on Instagram.

Maribel Guardia shares a devastating post about her son. The popular singer and soap opera actress showed her most vulnerable side shortly after Julián Figueroa’s death. She shared a devastating message about him.

Through her verified Instagram account, she shared an emotional message just two months after her son was found dead in his home.

Maribel Guardia shares a devastating post about her son’s death

Maribel Guardia sends a devastated message to her son two months after his death
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

Maribel shared a compilation video of some of the best moments with her late son Julián, his stepfather Marco, his wife Imelda Tunon and his little son Juliancito.

Some of the other photographs showed how the career of singer Joan Sebastian’s son was beginning take off in Mexico and beyond.

Maribel Guardia tries to move on with her life after losing Julián

Maribel Guardia tries to overcome and continue with her life after the death of Julián
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

Maribel wrote a heartbreaking message to accompany the video. She spoke about overcoming grief and trying to move on after losing her son.

«How to explain that it’s not a simple video? These are images of your precious life, which make me cry and laugh, and I always devour them with kisses, thanking God for giving me the immense gift of blessing my life with your presence,” Maribel begins.

«I’ll love you forever»

I love you forever.
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

«Thank you for the memories, for the kisses, the smiles, for all the light and love that you leave in my life. I’ll love you forever. And don’t worry about us, with your memory and with God’s help we will get ahead, but from time to time sneak into my dreams. I’m dying to hug you, I’m very selfish my child of God (2 months without you),» concludes her emotional message.

At the time of writing this article the post had reached 89,000 likes as well as thousands of views and messages from her followers, friends, colleagues and fans.

Julián’s widow supports her mother-in-law

Julián's widow also issued an emotional message
PHOTO: Instagram video capture @maribelguardia

Among the many comments, Imelda Tuñón wrote: «He’s already happy in a more beautiful place, I love you so much aunt. You were the best mom he could have and that’s why he loved you so much. He was capable of doing anything to defend you and for you to be well. It would hurt him a lot to see you suffer, you have to be strong for him, no matter what happens, he will always be with you.»

Maribel’s friends, like Aracely Arambula, commented: «My beautiful I see your video and I cannot imagine your enormous desire to embrace him, it’s impossible not to shed tears from the heart for such beautiful memories. There are no words that I can give you to comfort your heart, I only ask for your strength because you are such an incredibly strong woman that you surprise me and I’m glad to see you well, smiling at life. Precisely because of Julián’s great LOVE that lives in you, that love that will always live beyond eternity. I LOVE YOU MY MARI BELLA YOU ARE A SOUL FULL OF LIGHT. INFINITE BLESSINGS.»

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