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Maribel Guardia has to cancel projects because she can’t get over Julián’s death

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  • Julián Figueroa died suddenly at the age of 27 in April.
  • His mother, Maribel Guardia has to cancel projects due to her grief.
  • She still hasn’t recovered from the loss.

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Maribel Guardia says she can’t get over Julián’s death

Maribel Guardia says she cannot get over Julián's death
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Three months have passed since the tragic death of Maribel Guardia’s only son, who tragically suffered a heart attack at only 27. The actress confirmed this devastating incident through a statement on the day it happened. However, recently, the beautiful Costa Rican has made a poignant confession.

Maribel opened up to the media about the terrible depression she has been grappling with since her son’s passing. The loss has taken a toll on her emotionally, leading her to make some drastic decisions about her career in the aftermath of this tragic event.

Maribel reveals that she has been going through a very difficult time

PHOTO: Mezcalent

During an appearance on Siéntese Quien Pueda, the actress bravely opened up about the profound depression she has been experiencing. «When someone you love passes away, it feels like you don’t want to get out of bed, work, or even leave your house. But eventually, you have to surrender your beloved one to God, and then you must find the strength to continue with your life.»

Maribel Guardia revealed that her family has been her greatest pillar of support during this challenging time. However, she also acknowledged that she had to put several projects on hold following the loss of her son.

Maribel confesses that she has had to put important projects on hold due to depression

Maribel Guardia says she cannot get over Julián's death
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«I have decided to step back from many projects for now. I feel the need to dedicate time to myself and my family. Although I will continue with my work in musical theater. I have canceled some commitments on Netflix and another platform because I need this time to heal and cope,» she said.

During the emotional interview, Maribel Guardia offered valuable advice to her fans on how to navigate grief and healing, stating that, when facing loss, it’s essential to give ourselves time to heal little by little. “We should cherish the small moments and make sure to allocate quality time to the people we love,» the renowned theater actress revealed on Siéntese Quien Pueda.

Maribel says mothers who have had the same experience have approached her

PHOTO: Mezcalent

The 63-year-old actress also emphasized the importance of supporting other women who have experienced similar tragedies. She expressed her heartfelt support to those who have approached her during her work on Lagunilla Mi Barrio, sharing their own stories of loss.

«To all the moms who have reached out to me, I send you my love and strength,» she said. Maribel Guardia revealed that she finds solace and purpose in taking care of her grandson, as he brings a sense of joy and comfort during this challenging time. Being there for her family and cherishing these precious moments is what helps her cope with the profound sadness she has been enduring.

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