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Nicandro Díaz’s girlfriend tells how the accident happened (VIDEO)

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Nicandro Díaz's accident (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Mariana Robles narrates details of the accident.
  • Nicandro Díaz’s family in disagreement.
  • Speculations about Robles’ responsibility.

The death of the famous Televisa soap opera producer, Nicandro Díaz, continues to make headlines, following statements made by Mariana Robles.

Robles, who was the partner of the producer and was with him at the time of the accident that took his life, has come forward to tell how everything happened.

However, the producer’s family seems to disagree with the woman’s words, as Nicandro’s daughter, Victoria, has made strong statements.

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Mariana Robles breaks the silence

Mariana Robles and Nicandro Díaz, Televisa, Death, Victoria Díaz, Accident
PHOTO Instagram Capture

Just over a week after the passing of renowned producer Nicandro Díaz, his partner, actress Mariana Robles, broke her silence.

It was during an interview with Maxine Woodside on the program «Todo para la mujer.»

Robles, who still shows visible injuries on her face as a result of the tragic event on March 17th in Cozumel, shared new details about the incident that took Díaz’s life.

In her first public statement since the accident, Mariana Robles revealed that due to the injuries sustained, she doesn’t recall precisely how the accident occurred.

Reveals details of the accident

Mariana Robles, Nicandro Díaz, Televisa, Death, Accident
PHOTO Mezcalent

However, during the interview, she shared the same details as those provided in her official statement.

The voice actress, visibly moved, expressed her aim to put an end to the speculations surrounding Díaz’s death and defended his memory.

«I’m here for him because it’s not fair to tarnish his name… we had a relationship for several years,» she asserted after being pointed out as the third party in Díaz’s marriage.

Robles also tried to reconstruct the moments before the accident: «We were on vacation, just the two of us… we were riding one of those small motorcycles, honestly, I don’t remember the color.»

He claims not to remember completely

Distilling love, I am your owner, True loves, soap opera, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezcalent

«We were wearing helmets; they don’t rent motorcycles there if you’re not wearing a helmet,» she detailed. According to her account, the accident occurred during one of their trips back to the hotel from the beach.

Although they were wearing the required helmets, Mariana admitted that she doesn’t remember how they lost control and ended up in the accident that took Nicandro’s life.

The actress described the emotional impact of the accident, recalling blurry fragments like being by the roadside shouting for her partner.

After some media outlets reported that an animal had crossed their path, Robles refuted this version: «Never… I have no idea. I wasn’t looking, I didn’t have visibility, I have no clue,» she asserted.

Nicandro’s family

Mariana Robles, Nicandro Díaz, Televisa, Death, Victoria Díaz
PHOTO Mezcalent

Regarding her health condition, Mariana Robles revealed that she did not receive immediate medical attention at the scene of the accident.

However, once in Mexico City, she was treated for severe headaches and a significant neck injury.

She explained that doctors informed her that mental blocks are normal in cases of such severe blows, and that she will gradually remember more details of the accident.

Mariana Robles’s interview sheds light on the moments leading up to and following the tragic accident that claimed Nicandro Díaz’s life, while she undergoes a process of physical and emotional recovery.

Nicandro’s daughter sends a message

Mariana Robles, Nicandro Díaz, Televisa, Death, Victoria Díaz
PHOTO Instagram Capture

It was on the program «Despierta América» where they revisited Mariana Robles’ statements and recalled that the actress mentioned having a good relationship with Nicandro’s children.

However, the apparent good relationship with the Televisa producer’s children has come to an end, after sources claimed to TV Notas that she was not welcomed at the funeral.

Furthermore, Nicandro’s daughter, Victoria Díaz, has taken to her social media to express her disagreement with Mariana Robles’ statements.

Through her Instagram stories, she wrote a brief yet poignant message: «Don’t believe anything Mariana Robles says.»

Speculation after death of producer

Death Nicandro Díaz, Mariana Robles, Actress, Televisa, MundoNOW
PHOTO Instagram Capture

This has led to speculation about Mariana’s responsibility in the death of the soap opera producer.

Through comments on social media, users have expressed their thoughts on the statements made by Nicandro Díaz’s partner.

«Now she even forgot the day of the accident,» «Well, if what she says is questionable, what a coincidence that she doesn’t remember anything,» they wrote.

«It seems like pure theater, I don’t believe anything she says,» «If she doesn’t remember, then why did she go there?» «Why interview her if she doesn’t know anything! It’s all a show!» they said. To watch the videos, click HERE and HERE.

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