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Mariana González is the fourth eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos

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Mariana eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos (Photo: Telemundo)
  • Mariana eliminated from the show.
  • Conflicts and tensions increase.
  • Disappointment due to surprise departure.

In an exclusive interview with MundoNOW, Mariana González, the talented and captivating contestant from La Casa de los Famosos, shared her experiences of being on the show.

She divulged insightful details regarding her tenure on the show and the controversies that marked her time within its confines.

Following Thalí García’s unexpected departure, it was revealed that Mariana González would be the fourth contestant eliminated from the competition.

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This week’s nominees comprised notable figures such as Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Mariana González, Alfredo Adame, and Gregorio Pernía.

Among them, Alfredo Adame and Clovis emerged as the frontrunners, favored by the program’s fanbase.

However, fate had an unexpected twist in store, as Mariana was ultimately the contestant selected to depart from La Casa de los Famosos.

This decision left viewers perplexed and sparked a flurry of reactions on social media.

Mariana González eliminated: Falsehood and hypocrisy

Gregorio Pernía, wife of Vicente Fernandez Jr, gala of the house of the famous
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Amidst her departure, Mariana voiced her discontent, shedding light on the perceived falsehood and hypocrisy prevalent among the housemates.

Expressing her astonishment at the actions of her peers, she questioned why she was subjected to such treatment, believing she didn’t deserve it.

«I am a woman who, if sought, can be found. There’s a lot of deceit, hypocrisy, and falsehood within the house,» remarked Mariana González.

Driven by her pride and ego, she pondered why she was targeted in such a manner, grappling with the notion of whether she truly deserved it or not.

Does Thali need psychological help?

Alfredo Adame, Fernando Lozada, Lupillo Rivera, Maripily Rivera
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Mariana addressed her relationship with Thalí, highlighting the inconsistency in her actions and suggesting that seeking professional assistance might be beneficial for her behavior.

«When I arrived at the gala, the first sight that greeted me was Thalí, and it ignited a surge of frustration within me. You exit through the back door, and there you are, seated in the audience; it struck me as audacious.»

«Consistency is key. I pride myself on being a woman of coherence. I am who I am, and I harbor no ill will toward Thalí.»

«I witnessed her actions from within, and there was a notable lack of coherence,» remarked Mariana González, emphasizing that she holds no animosity towards Thalí.

Mariana González eliminated: Lupillo’s revenge

Mariana González eliminated, vicente fernpandez jr, thalí garcía, the house of the famous
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Similarly, the contestant addressed the tensions within the house, specifically mentioning Lupillo’s threats towards Alfredo Adame.

«I would never resort to Lupillo’s tactics of being nosy or seeking attention from the cameras. If it’s not my concern, I simply don’t involve myself.»

«Emotions are running high, but I’m not one to fuel conflict. We should strive to prevent issues; after all, it’s also about maintaining a healthy dynamic in the reality show.»

«Lupillo may have intentions of playing the hero, the one who intervenes, and this is his reaction. Adame, on the other hand, is like a wildfire; he erupts at the slightest provocation,» remarked Mariana.

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