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María Raquenel denounces Sergio Andrade in the US

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María Raquenel files a report (Photo: Mezcalent/MundoNow Archive)
  • María Raquenel files a report against Sergio Andrade.
  • ‘Mary Boquitas’ sends a strong message.
  • Legal process is ongoing.

Calling out for justice after decades of silence, María Raquenel Portillo, known as ‘Mary Boquitas’, has decided to take legal action,

The same ones that go against her ex-husband, Sergio Andrade, Gloria Trevi’s former manager, in a Los Angeles court.

Portillo, who reveals that Andrade began seducing her when she was 14 years old and they later married, seeks justice for the crime of statutory rape.

This occurs despite more than 30 years having passed since her marriage to the music producer when she was a minor.

María Raquenel files a report in USA

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Photo: Mezcalent

According to Mezcalent, the singer stated that her intention is to seek coherence in her message and that her story, despite having lived it, cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, she is grateful for her survival and recognizes that she could have had a much more tragic fate, showing her gratitude for moving forward.

Despite not offering specific details about her legal process, Raquenel encourages people to check the laws.

In order to know the specific charges that are being brought against Sergio Andrade, making clear her commitment to the search for justice.

María Raquenel Portillo breaks the silence

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Photo: Mezcalent

«I think that congruence is important to be able to carry a message. I could no longer avoid my story,» said ‘Mary Boquitas’.

«What happened to me has already happened to me and that’s it, thanks to that I am who I am today, I accept it and assume it,» she added.

«I thank God that at least I am a survivor, that I did not lose my life and that I did not fall into further misfortunes,» said María Raquenel.

«Because more victims have ended differently, unfortunately,» said the actress and also singer.

The search for justice and coherence in the message

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Photo: Mezcalent

Her participation in the so-called Trevi-Andrade Clan of the 80s has been a topic of conversation on her podcast ‘En Boca Cerrada’.

Which has been a tool that has been used to heal some of the experiences lived.

However, this legal action represents another step in their search for healing and justice for past events.

Until now, more details are unknown about the legal process that will be carried out against Sergio Andrade.

María Raquenel files a report and shares some details

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Photo: Mezcalent

She only noted that «in the United States it is a civil complaint,» but stated that «you can find it online.»

«I can’t talk much about this issue because we are working on expanding it, but he will be reported for the charges against him,» she concluded.

It is expected that as the case progresses, more details will come to light either through María Raquenel’s social media or through her Podcast.

Where she has shared what it was like to live with the music producer and everything she went through with Gloria Trevi.

Statements by Mary Boquitas

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Photo: Mezcalent

María Raquenel in one of the chapters of her podcast, shared how hard it was to endure the abuse she suffered from Sergio Andrade for so long.

«There are minds that are a little more manipulable than others, and I, I don’t know, at some point I was one hundred percent manipulable,» she said.

«Because I was beaten, because I was abused, because mentally I was control, I was like a robot,» declared ‘Mary Boquitas’.

The consistency in her message and her quest to embrace and share her story, as well as her courage to confront this legal issue, have been applauded.

The role of the podcast in the healing process

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María Raquenel denounces Sergio -Photo: Mezcalent

Those who have been and are being knowledgeable about her history, recognize their courage in moving forward despite their past.

Despite the time that has passed, Raquenel Portillo’s commitment to this cause reflects her determination to seek justice.

As well as coping with traumatic experiences that she lived, in the hope of finally getting justice.

HERE you can listen to the last episode of her podcast, where she talks about Sergio Andrade.

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