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María Celeste slams Governor DeSantis’ new Black history standards

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María Celeste estalla contra iniciativa del gobernador DeSantis en Florida
  • María Celeste criticizes Ron DeSantis.
  • She slams the new Black history standards.
  • Florida has passed controversial education guidelines.

María Celeste lashes out at Ron DeSantis on social media over new education standards in Florida.

The journalist has expressed her dissatisfaction on her official Instagram account.

Ron DeSantis is requiring that schools teach the ‘positive’ aspects of slavery.

According to María Celeste, he aims to teach «that slavery benefited the slaves.»

María Celeste slams Ron DeSantis

María Celeste Slams Governor DeSantis' Initiative in Florida
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María Celeste took to social media to criticize the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis, who is running to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2024, has angered the journalist.

María Celeste was not pleased Florida’s new education guidelines.

She states that the governor aims to teach students «that slavery benefited the slaves.»

Reactions to María Celeste’s post

María Celeste
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The Puerto Rican journalist shared her disapproval of Florida’s new education guidelines in a social media post.

Her followers shared her feelings about the controversial new rules.

«What is this governor using?» «What happened to that man?» «What ignorance!» they commented.

While some agreed with her stance, others did not share her opinion.

Teaching Black history

María Celeste Slams Governor DeSantis' Initiative in Florida
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According to The Washington Post, the new rules for Florida schools were approved on July 19.

New standards were established for how Black history will be taught in public schools.

These standards will direct how the students will learn about this part of U.S. history.

Teachers are required to teach that slaves «developed skills» that «could be applied for their personal benefit.»

Ron DeSantis’ new education standards

Ron DeSantis
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The Post also reported that the state legislature approved a series of new laws backed by Ron DeSantis.

He claims that these measures eliminate «woke indoctrination» and empower parents.

Teaching critical race theory, an intellectual movement that examines systemic racism, is prohibited.

Teachers are also prohibited from making students «feel guilt» about other’s past actions in their lessons.


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