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Marco Rubio, a cocktail of the American dream and political skill

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  • Marco Rubio is the son of a Cuban immigrant.
  • He won his midterm election.
  • The Florida Senator beat his opponent.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, 51, the son of humble Cubans who emigrated to the United States in 1956, succeeded Tuesday in his bid to continue representing Florida in the Senate. This time he had the help of his old rival, former president Donald Trump.

Rubio managed to win Tuesday’s midterm elections over Democrat Val Demings, who was the first woman to be chief of police in Orlando and was later elected to the Florida state Congress.

Marco Rubio’s life

The life of Marco Rubio
PHOTO: Twitter

Born in Miami, Rubio saw his political career take a leap in 2010, when he won an unexpected victory against then Governor Charlie Crist, who was running for governor in Florida this year but was defeated by Republican Ron DeSantis.

Supported by the ultra-conservative Tea Party, the Miami native won a seat in the Senate at the age of only 40 and will remain there for six more years after his victory today. With that background, he decided to try his luck running for president in 2016. However, he ran into Trump, who, true to his style, ridiculed him in the debates.

His alliance with Trump is not new

His alliance with Trump is not, however, from now.
PHOTO: Twitter

During Trump’s presidency Rubio spoke out about issues involving Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and the fight against communism. If Trump, as as he’s hinted, runs again in 2024 and wins, his influence may regain strength.

Currently Rubio is vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, where he oversees the US intelligence and security team as well as a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee. FILED UNDER: Marco Rubio


PHOTO: Twitter

Arriving in the Senate in January 2011, Rubio positioned himself in opposition to Obamacare and other Democratic priorities. He is the son of Mario Rubio and Oria García, who landed in the United States a few years before Fidel Castro came to power in 1959.

Over the years, he has been able to win over the Florida electorate with a clearly conservative discourse with strong points such as favoring gun rights and opposing abortion and same-sex marriage as well as promoting slashing social programs and Social Security. He leads by example having married his longtime love, Colombian-American Jeanette Dousdebés. They have four children. FILED UNDER: Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio on immigration

Marco Rubio: He likes the life of a family man
PHOTO: Twitter

Rubio’s extreme conservatism has not prevented him from earning the confidence of some moderates in a state where Latinos are 27% of the population and Cubans are the largest group within that community.

Regarding immigration policy, he claims that the arrival of people in the United States must be controlled and that «no country can resist the daily entry of thousands of people». He points to the influx of, mainly, Latinos who arrive at the US border. With information from EFE. FILED UNDER: Marco Rubio

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