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Marco Flores an spectacular accident while recording a music video

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Marco Flores suffers accident, Singer, Video, MundoNow, News
Marco Flores suffers an accident
  • Marco Flores suffers an accident.
  • Horse attacks the singer.
  • They reveal shocking video of the events.

Shocking news has shaken the musical scene of the Mexican regional music this Sunday, November 19.

Unfortunate news has been released about Marco Flores, renowned vocalist of the band ‘La Jerez’. He suffered a an accident.

The singer suffered painful consequences while recording a music video last Saturday, November 18.

The events are accompanied by a video that demonstrates how the accident happened and Flores’ reaction to the situation.

Marco Flores’ Accident on the Set

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to sources from Tv Notas magazine, during the recording, a horse, an essential part of the musical project, was scared by the noise on the set.

The gave the ‘Amor de la vida alegre’ singer a strong blow to the head.

The result was an abrupt fall to the ground, where the horse continued hitting him several times, aggravating the situation.

Immediately after the shocking event, some production people who were there were able to support the singer.

The Revealing Video: Horse Attack

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Fortunately, after the events occurred, the singer himself used his official Instagram account to send a message to his followers.

Flores shared that, although it was a hard blow, he is stable. «Thank God it didn’t get any worse. This is part of the job,» he wrote.

«Thank you to all my people who asked about me. Thank God we are going ok,» Flores said, trying to reassure his fans after the news was revealed.

A video that has come to light reveals the moments in which the singer is attacked by the horse.

The singer is safe

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Marco Flores suffers a spectacular accident PHOTO: Shutterstock

Fortunately, Marco Flores managed to avoid the danger, moving away quickly and avoiding more tragic consequences,  reported ‘TV Notas’.

Currently, the singer is recovering at home, leaving behind the scare that everyone present on the set experienced, although the fear was quite strong.

However, social media were quick to express their concern and divided opinions about this unfortunate case that shook ‘La Jerez’ fans.

While many followers wished him a speedy recovery, some expressed their disapproval of the use of animals in shows.

Reflections on the Marco Flores Incident

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Comments like «Putting a horse on the ground is truly irresponsible», «I admire you very much, but animals are not for shows.»

Still others said: «Stop using animals, that’s abuse.» This fact reflects the polarization of opinions regarding the use of animals in artistic productions.

This incident has fueled debate over the treatment of animals in the entertainment industry generating a call for reflection.

Many question the conditions under which this type of production is carried out, many believing that animals should not be used.

Irresponsibility of the singer?

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Marco Flores suffers a spectacular accident PHOTO: Shutterstock

The renowned vocalist of the band ‘Jerez’ is resting after suffering a tremendous blow that could have cost him his life.

Although fans are glad that the singer is fine, many believe that the use of animals in shows should be prohibited.

It is not ruled out that the horse could also have suffered consequences due to the loud noise that was being experienced on the recording set.

As Marco Flores recovers, it is clear that the discussion about the use of animals in show business continues. (TO SEE THE VIDEO OF THE EVENTS CLICK HERE)

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