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Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira walk their son in a $7,000 Dior stroller

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Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira $7,000 Dior stroller (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira spare no expense.
  • Their son has a $7,000 Dior stroller.
  • They live a life of luxury!

People were shocked to see Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira walking their son in a $7,000 Dior stroller.

For celebrities this extravagance and luxury is commonplace.

Renowned Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony and his wife Nadia Ferreira are no exception.

Just a few months ago the couple enthusiastically welcomed their new son.

A new chapter in their lives

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Marc Anthony already had several failed marriages in his past.

However, his union with supermodel Nadia Ferreira has proven to be different in many ways.

Now, the singer and his wife are joyfully entering this new stage of life.

The couple is sparing no expense to ensure their child has the best of everything.

Their baby has a $7,000 Dior stroller

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Recently, Nadia Ferreira shared a glimpse of their luxe life on Instagram.

She posted something from her daily life: a walk with her new son.

«On a walk with the love of my life,» Nadia wrote in the description of the image.

The photo, apparently taken on July 31, revealed an accessory that perfectly embodies the splendor that surrounds this family.

Surrounded by luxury from day one

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

The photograph shows the supermodel walking her baby in a stroller that drips with elegance and exclusivity.

This luxe stroller was made by Dior and boasts a jaw-dropping price tag.

Hola magazine reveals it costs $7,000.

Affectionately called ‘Baby Muñiz’, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira’s son is surrounded by opulence.

Details of the Dior stroller

Stroller, Luxurious, Baby, Marc Anthony, MundoNow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

This is not just any stroller.

Hola magazine shared some details of this dream baby accessory.

The stroller is part of the Baby Dior collection, a collaboration with the high-end brand Inglesina.

Decorated with the iconic Dior Oblique print, it’s the pinnacle of style and sophistication.

A stunning couple

Baby Muñiz, Family, Luxuries, Singer, Model
PHOTO: Getty Images

This Dior stroller features extravagant details like etching on the wheels and leather-wrapped handlebars.

The love that radiates from Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira is undeniable.

Although the age difference between them has been the subject of debate, the couple seems immune to criticism.

Their social media posts are testimony to their devotion and they seem to be truly happy together.

Marc Anthony’s new love

Marc Anthony, Nadia Ferreira, millions, marriage, wedding
PHOTO: Getty Images

Marc Anthony, who has had many public relationships, seems to have finally found his soulmate.

His marriage to Nadia Ferreira has brought him a beautiful baby and happy moments as a family.

It has also served as a showcase for their lavish lifestyle.

The $7,000 Dior stroller is a symbol of this new stage in his life, a manifestation of the desire to provide the best for his little Baby Muñiz.

Marc and Nadia don’t care about their critics

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PHOTO: Getty Images

In a world where everyone wants to have the best of the best, celebrities like Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have taken this to a new level.

This stroller embodies a commitment to providing their child with the ultimate in opulence.

With each outing, this family reaffirms their status as icons of style and elegance on the international stage.

According to Hola, they are one of the most stable celebrity couples at the moment.

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