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What is known about Manuela Escobar’s life

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  • Did Manuela Escobar attempt suicide?
  • The turbulent life of Pablo Escobar’s only daughter.
  • What we know about Manuela Escobar’s life and mental health struggles.

Did Manuela Escobar try to commit suicide? The life of the only daughter of Pablo Escobar, one of the most wanted and feared criminals of all time, changed forever on December 2, 1993, when her father was shot in the head by Colombian armed forces.

That day, the life that Manuela knew for nine years ended suddenly. All of the luxuries, the excesses and the perception she had of her father ended in a second, giving way to a new chapter. From that day on, her identity changed forever, and she adopted the name Juana Manuela Marroquín Santos.

The first years of Manuela Escobar’s life

Manuela Escobar
PHOTO: Victoria Eugenia Henao – Editorial Planeta

Little is known about Manuela Escobar’s life. However, some journalists close to the family of the most wanted capo of all time say that from the time she was a child, Manuela was surrounded by luxury and sheltered by the love of her father, who never skimped on gifts for his only daughter.

According to some sources, Manuela Escobar was used to seeing all her wishes fulfilled: from receiving a ‘unicorn’ for one of her birthdays to traveling to any city to satisfy a food craving. However, one of the most shocking anecdotes was about the time Pablo Escobar started a bonfire using wads of bills to protect Manuela from the cold.

What is known about Manuela Escobar

Pablo Escobar
Getty Images

Upon Pablo Escobar’s death, the capo’s children changed their identities in an attempt by the authorities to protect them from their father’s enemies and also from the press. With this, they hoped that the children could start a new life. They eventually moved to Argentina, after the family was rejected from the United States and Germany.

At 39, Manuela has become an expert in keeping her life private, despite the fact that both her mother, Victoria Henao, and her brother, Pablo, have been involved in various media scandals after being accused of falsifying documents and evading the law.

A life in anonymity

Pablo Escobar
Getty Images

When Victoria Henao, Manuela’s mother, was 39 years old, she was arrested along with her son Pablo, and accused of falsifying documents and money laundering. At barely 15 years old, Manuela was left in the hands of the Argentine authorities because she was a minor. From that day on, they she developed a deep fear and thirst for revenge.

Her mental health began to deteriorate and this led her to hide from virtually everyone. Currently, it is very rare for the press to find Manuela on the street. The little that is known about her has been thanks to information provided by her brother Pablo. According to him, Manuela’s mental health is fragile and, at least on one occasion, she has attempted suicide.

Manuela Escobar attempted suicide

Manuela Escobar's brother
Getty Images

Pablo, the eldest son of the drug dealer, took care of his sister Manuela after her suicide attempt. Escobar told the media that Manuela lives in a constant state of paranoia fearing that someone is going to separate her from her family permanently.

Manuela is the only one of the Escobars who has decided to remain anonymous, since both her mother and her brother have written books and given interviews where they tell describe their experiences before and after Pablo Escobar’s death.

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