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Sueño Millonario: The Story of Manny Languasco

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Historia de Manny Languasco, Hombre, Luz, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Sueño Millonario brings you the story of Manny Languasco.
  • Manny is a man who went from nothing to everything and then from everything back to nothing.
  • He shares that he had to go through a process of rebirth to achieve true success.

In late October 2011, Manny Languasco arrived in the United States with the hope of fulfilling his American dream.

Like most immigrants, Manny arrived without knowing English and with little money in his pocket.

He accepted classic jobs that immigrants take to get by in life.

He worked at a Burger King, but he didn’t last long there because the pay was too low.

First Jobs and a Revelation

Chopped onion, Knife, Chopping board, MundoNow, Podcast

Initially, Manny did everything, cleaning houses, chopping, restaurants, etc.

But one day, while walking down the street, he saw a car wash business and had a strong hunch.

He went to ask for a job there, but the salary offered was less than what he was making at his current job.

Regardless, Manny quit the job where he was earning more for the one where he would earn less.

The Luxury Car

Car Wash, Clean, Luxury, MundoNow, Podcast

One day at work, a client in a luxury car arrived.

Languasco made sure to wash the car impeccably so that whenever this client came, he would request Manny to wash it.

And so it happened. The client was happy with Manny and his work and each time he came, Manny was in charge of the vehicle and its cleaning.

This person would eventually become an important man in this story.

The Mentor

Mentor, Wooden dolls, Key, MundoNow, Podcast

Languasco wanted to ask this man if he would help him be successful like him.

He practiced a lot in the mirror asking him this to prevent nervousness or anything like that.

When the time came, he couldn’t the first time but did the second. He said, «I like your car, your clothes, and your life. And I don’t like mine.»

Perhaps because of the humor, the man laughed but agreed to help him. He gave him his card and in the end let him come to see him at 8 the next morning.

Changing Lives

Boxes, Moving, Home, Manny, Podcast

This man explained to Manny what would be his first business. The person had many apartments, and it would be Manny’s responsibility to look after the rentals and maintenance of these places.

Here would be born Manny’s second business, as he realized that every time a place was vacated, repairs had to be made and for that, he would have to hire a company.

Realizing this, he decided to open his own company so that he would control not only the rentals but also the repairs.

He discussed it with the owner of the houses, and he liked the idea.

The Start of a Hard Stage

Depression, Sadness, Loneliness, MundoNow, Podcast

Manny’s mentor dedicated an hour to teach him important business things. Everything was going well in that aspect.

Suddenly Languasco felt as if everything was flowing well, that everything was very easy; he could not understand why there were people who could not achieve success.

One day, he went to sleep, but the next morning he could not move. They had to take him to the hospital, but they did not know what he had.

He had lost something important to him: the will to live.

Returning to the Love of Life

Executive, Man, Business, Manny, Podcast

While all this was happening, he felt that he should be poor. He donated everything he had. He simply had lost a spark for life. Nothing seemed interesting to him.

He wanted to die. He moved to a city where crime was high because he wanted to be killed. Fortunately, this did not happen. He talked to his mentor and he made him reconsider.

His mentor asked him a question, «if you see a house on fire, what do you do?» «I call the police, firefighters, etc.», «if you see that house on fire, but it’s yours, what do you do?», «I drop everything I’m doing and go to save my family» «then go, and save your family».

At that moment, something happened inside him. He had a kind of understanding that he had to be reborn. He quit his job and everything, and moved to another state.

The Story of Manny Languasco

Restaurant, Drinks, Food, Manny, Podcast

Manny understood that what he really liked were restaurants and that this was the path. He returned to a Burger King but in a higher-ranking position because he already had experience.

After that, he received more proposals from other types of restaurants. There was a time when he managed restaurant chains nationally and even worldwide.

An important detail he mentions is that his first mentor asked him about his reading habits. He said that each book is an ally on his path to success. Today Manny has more than 10,000 allies.

Sueño Millonario says goodbye to you and hopes you have enjoyed this story. Until next time!

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Sueño Millonario
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