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Manelyk González from ‘Acapulco Shore’ declares her love for Juan Rivera

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  • Did Manelyk González declare her love for Juan Rivera?
  • The team of panelists discussing La Casa de los Famosos 3 is formed.
  • Even Laura Bozzo revealed which celebrity she likes.

Manelyk declares her love for Juan Rivera. La Casa de los Famosos 3 began on January 17 and has already sparked its first controversies, including the disagreement between Juan Rivera and Osmel Sousa after the successful businessman nominated Rivera to be eliminated from the popular Telemundo reality show.

Juan Rivera was one of the most anticipated public figures to be part of the most famous house on Hispanic television since Zerboni spoke about La Diva de la Banda and insisted that she had not died in the accident. Since then, the two have been at odds and viewers demanded that Juan Rivera join the show.

Juan Rivera causes controversy on La Casa de los Famosos 3

Manelyk declares love Juan
Photo: Tik Tok

But it seems that Juan Rivera has not only surprised Osmel Sousa. Now, a former contestant on La Casa de los Famosos, who also appeared on Acapulco Shore, has surprised everyone after making a surprising declaration about Jenni’s brother.

During the third broadcast of the famous Telemundo reality show, the group of panelists, including Manelyk González, Laura Bozzo and Yordi Rosado, appeared to talk about what had happened inside the most famous house in Hispanic television. Filed Under: Manelyk declares her love for Juan

The group of panelists will be talk about what happens inside the house

Manelyk declares love Juan
Photo: Tik Tok

All the panelists agreed that the contestants are currently in a “honeymoon” period because everything is “love and peace” right now. The panelists say that they don’t know what awaits them as they spend more time inside the house, both Mane and Laura Bozzo confirmed it, since they’ve been on the show. In a TikTok, everything they talked about during that broadcast was revealed.

After talking about who has a chance to win the competition, Manelyk González immediately gave her opinion on Juan Rivera who, for her has the most influence on La Casa de los Famosos. She even ended up declaring her love for him, of course with all due respect that the music producer’s wife deserves. Filed Under: Manelyk loves Juan

Manelyk González declares her love for Juan Rivera

Manelyk declares love Juan
Photo: Tik Tok

After saying that you don’t know who you’ll like right away, Mane used Jenni Rivera’s brother as an example. “For example, Juan, you see him and say, ‘Wow, he’s like very bad,’ and it’s the opposite, he’s a teddy bear who cries. I want to cuddle him, I want him with me.”

Laura Bozzo immediately said that Mane’s opinion was due to the fact that perhaps she liked Juan Rivera, to which the influencer immediately replied: “I love him, he fascinates me, with all due respect to his wife.” While Yordi Rosado jokingly asked her if she would like a “little match” with Jenni’s brother, to which the model said, “A match so fast? We’re on the first night, boy.” Filed Under: Manelyk loves Juan

Even Laura Bozzo revealed who she likes on the new season!

Even Laura Bozzo ended up revealing who she likes in this new season!
Photo: Tik Tok

But Mane was not the only one to reveal who in the house she liked as Laura Bozzo was also asked about it. Without hesitation she said, “I choose Zerboni from the house.” But Yordi and the influencer immediately pointed out that these were the current competitors, not the ones from the second season.

Given this, the Cuban enthusiastically said she likes, “Carmona, papacito”. This is how Manelyk declared that she has a platonic love for Juan Rivera, who was nominated to be eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3. Filed Under: Manelyk declares love Juan. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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