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BIZARRE: Man says that he photographed a UFO

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  • A strange object appeared in the sky over a Mexican city.
  • The images that were captured are amazing.
  • Are alien beings on their way to Earth?

People are always fascinated by paranormal activity since there has always been the question of whether beings from another planet visit Earth. Now, a man in Mexico claims to have photographs of a UFO.

The series of images showing the silver disc have caused a stir after they were featured and shown on the news there. The man who took the photos says that he saw the UFO when a storm hit his city. It looked very strange to him and that is why he photographed it.

A UFO arrived in Mexico!

UFO arrived in Mexico!
PHOTO: YouTube

Auto mechanic Juan Manuel Sánchez, originally from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, took the photos of the UFO that went viral after he shared them on Facebook. He claims that he saw the object while trying to take photos of an approaching storm.

The clear, high-resolution photos appear to show an object shaped like a saucer hanging in front of dark clouds in the distance. Juan gave his input of the sighting outside his home in Valle Hermoso on August 17 to Mexican television station RDTV. FILED UNDER: Man photographed UFO

Does he have witnesses to the sighting?

Do you have witnesses to the sighting?
PHOTO: YouTube

Juan said that his wife and one of his co-workers were also able to see the mysterious saucer before it flew out of sight. The mechanic estimates that the object was very large and that it was almost a kilometer away from his home.

Some people were saying that it was a fake pic. Juan said people had told him they thought it was a hubcap or pan lid and that it was edited. He just said that he was «in shock» when he saw the object for the first time. FILED UNDER: Man photographed UFO

Man claims he photographed a UFO

Man claims he photographed UFO: Could not get a video
PHOTO: YouTube

Given so much curiosity, people asked the mechanic why he didn’t have a video, which would be more convincing, but Juan said that he was not able to get a video. He claimed that his camera was in photo mode so he simply captured what he could before the object disappeared.

«I took out my cell phone to record it because I felt it was a dream to see something like this so close,» he told RadioDual Television in his hometown. “I wanted to take a video, but it was left in photo mode. I realized it because of the sound my cell phone made,» he added. WATCH VIDEO HERE FILED UNDER: Man photographed UFO

Authorities say that UFOs do exist

Man assures he photographed UFO: They assure that UFOs do exist
PHOTO: YouTube

In May 2022, the Pentagon acknowledged having recorded hundreds of UFO encounters. Intelligence officials claimed that more than 400 cases of «unidentified aerial phenomena» have been registered, which caused the madness in social networks.

Ronald Moultrie and Scott Bray, senior intelligence officers with the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group, told lawmakers about sightings in such incidents. Although the task force has no evidence that the sightings are related to aliens, it has not ruled out this possibility. FILED UNDER: Man photographed UFO

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