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Young man kills his uncle during argument over Chivas vs. Tigres match

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  • A man killed his uncle after his team lost a soccer match.
  • The young man stabbed his uncle to death during an argument.
  • Police are still looking for the suspect.

A family in Mexico is in mourning after watching the classic Chivas vs. Tigres match, which took place over the weekend. According to local media, a young man stabbed his uncle to death for making negative comments about the game.

Unfortunately, sometimes sports fans take their team loyalty too far and it can end in tragedy. Recently a brawl in a soccer stadium resulted in multiple fatalities and the game had to be suspended.


Photo: Twitter

The final between the Chivas and the Tigres, which was a fun event for thousands of people, ended in tragedy for a family in Guadalajara. According to initial reports, a young man murdered his uncle during an argument over the match.

Apparently, he became enraged after his uncle began to make fun of the fact that the Chivas team lost to the Tigres of Nuevo León. The incident occurred in the Agustín Yáñez neighborhood of Guadalajara.

What is known about the case?

What is known about the case?
Photo: Twitter

Authorities reported that the victim was fatally wounded with a knife and police arrived at the home shortly after the family reported the stabbing. The Indigo Report said they found a man inside a farmhouse.

Unfortunately, he died at the scene. Authorities are investigating and the names of the victim and his attacker have not been released.

An unprecedented incident?

Young man murdered soccer uncle: An unprecedented event?
Photo: Twitter

NMÁS Guadalajara reported that the man was injured in the back and abdomen. Apparently, the stabbing occurred just after the match ended.

“Upon arrival we realized it was a person with no vital signs. He was attacked with a sharp object, apparently a knife. There were four wounds on his back and abdomen,» a paramedic explained to NMAS. Police have no further details at this time.

What happened to the attacker?

Young man murdered soccer uncle: What happened to the attacker?
Photo: Twitter

According to the outlet, the attacker fled from the house and authorities have no information on his whereabouts. The Guadalajara police and Mexican security officials are searching for the attacker.

In a video that circulated on social media, the relatives of both men were observed crying outside the house, while the security officials checked the victim who ultimately died.

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