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56-year-old man found frozen to death in Buffalo

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Hombre de 56 años es hallado muerto tras congelarse en Búfalo
  • William Clay froze to death on his 56th birthday.
  • He was found frozen on the street in Buffalo, NY.
  • Clay went to the store and never returned home.

A 56-year-old man named William Clay was found dead on the street in Buffalo on Christmas Eve after going to the store. He was found lying face down in the snow in Buffalo, New York.

The historic snowfall in Buffalo this winter has been one of the most surprising weather events in the region. Temperatures reached shocking lows and the snow was overwhelming. So far three people have died, including Clay.

William Clay found frozen to death on a Buffalo street

Man dies after being frozen on the streets of Buffalo
PHOTO: Twitter

According to New York Post, William Clay was found face down and frozen in the snow on a Buffalo street, reported local authorities.

He was found on Bailey and Kensington avenues, located in Eerie County. William Clay is the third person to have died after the historic snowfall covered the city.

William Clay died on his 56th birthday

The man lost his life on his 56th birthday
PHOTO: Shutterstock

William Clay was celebrating his 56th birthday when the shocking and historic snowfall in Buffalo took his life. Earlier that day, his sister, Sophie Clay, had posted on Facebook that he was missing.

Sophie also added that William used to frequent a convenience store that was close to his home. William went out to do some Christmas shopping and did not return home. Later he was found frozen to death. Filed Under: man freezes to death in buffalo

GoFundMe launched to cover Clay’s funeral expenses

Campaign launched to cover William's funeral expenses
PHOTO: Shutterstock

After reporting hours later that William had died, Sophie Clay launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the funeral expenses for her brother. She wrote in the description, «I am the sister of the gentleman that lost his life during the 2022 Blizzard on 12/24/2022.”

His sister also added that William passed away on his birthday. Laura LaShomb, who is a relative of the deceased, informed friends and family on Facebook that his body was found frozen in the snow.

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