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Chronicle: Man bought human remains online

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  • Jeremy Lee Pauley bought human remains.
  • No one knows exactly why Jeremy wanted the body parts.
  • The FBI suspects he was planning to resell them on Facebook.

The world is upside down and humanity appears to be more corrupt than ever, since we are seeing more and more strange things, such as the case of a man who has just been arrested in Pennsylvania on charges of buying human remains.

It turns out that the relatives of a person who recently died decided to donate his body to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences unit (UAMS) so that scientists and students could be used for research and teaching purposes by students and scientists.

But that body was suddenly lost

Chronicle bought human remains
East Pennsboro Township Police Department

However, overnight those remains were lost and no one knew where to look for them, so the staff of the school found it necessary to report it to the local authorities. In order to clarify this case, the Little Rock police had request help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Investigators concluded that the body was removed by a woman who was an employee of a local crematorium. She sold it to a rather unusual client: Jeremy Lee Pauley, 40, who has half his face tattooed, gauges in his ears and has even had metal horns implanted in his head. Filed Under: Crónica bought human remains

Why did he want the human remains?

Chronicle bought human remains

The FBI suspects that Jeremy, who lives in Pennsylvania, may have planned to sell the human remains to other individuals with exotic tastes like his through the Facebook Marketplace, but they do not rule out the possibility that he may have been involved in occult activity.

And it is not a secret that there are many people who participate in satanic rites, witchcraft or Santeria and, therefore, anything could be possible, given the unusual circumstances. The defendant was arrested on charges of buying stolen property and abusing a corpse. Filed As: Chronicle bought human remains

Bail was set at $50,000

Chronicle bought human remains
Photo: Getty

The suspect was arrested at his home Enola by officers of the East Pennsboro Township Police Department, but was released the next day after posting a $50,000 bail. Of course, he was interrogated before he was released.

The FBI has not made other arrests in connection with this case, not even the morgue clerk who dared to steal the body to sell to Jeremy. Hopefully that will be the next step, because corpses should be honored and respected. Thanks for reading my story today on MundoNow Until next time. Filed Under: Crónica bought human remains

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