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Was an autopsy performed on Madeline Soto?

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Madeline Soto Autopsy, Abuse, Crime, Sentence, Police- Autopsia Madeline Soto, Abuso, Crimen, Sentencia, Policía
Madeline Soto's autopsy (Photo: Carlos Moreno-Shutterstock)
  • What do Madeline Soto’s autopsy results show?
  • Her family is awaiting information.
  • Stephan Sterns faces serious charges.

The body of 13-year-old Madeline Soto was found last week after she was reported missing at the end of February.

Evidence shows she had been sexually abused for almost two years by her mother’s boyfriend, according to videos and photographs found by the Kissimmee police.

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After the tragic news that has shocked the community was confirmed, people are wondering about her autopsy results.

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What do we know about Madeline Soto’s autopsy?

Shock, News, Grief, Tragedy, Autopsy of Madeline Soto
Photo: Screenshot TikTok Cinco News

For those with questions about Madeline Soto’s autopsy results — her family is still waiting for the forensic exam to be completed.

It is hoped this will give them information about exactly what happened to her.

So far it’s unknown when the full report will be available.

Currently, the teen’s family is waiting to hear from the medical examiner.

Allegedly Madeline Soto was the victim of sexual abuse

Madeline Soto, Disappearance, Crime, Death, Murder
Photos: Carlos Moreno

Police believe that her mother’s boyfriend Stephan Sterns, 37, sexually abused Madeline starting in August 2022.

Investigators discovered photos and videos depicting the abuse when they examined Sterns’ phone.

The victim’s name is redacted in the police affidavit but there a clues indicating it is Madeline Soto.

The document includes a birth date that matches Madeline’s, as well as a reference to the victim as «the missing minor.»

Stephan Sterns faces serious charges

Victim, Homicide, Authorities, Evidence, Sentence
Photo: Carlos Moreno

Sterns currently faces two charges of sexual assault on a minor and charges of possession of child sexual abuse material.

For sexual battery of a minor under 12, WFLA reports that Sterns could face the death penalty.

Madeline Soto’s family continues to wait for autopsy results that could shed more light on what happened to her.

The tragic events surrounding Madeline’s disappearance and death have shocked the Kissimmee community and beyond.

A community demands justice

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Photo: Shutterstock

Madeline Soto’s autopsy represents a crucial step in seeking justice for her and her entire family.

It is hoped that a clearer understanding of the events leading to her tragic death can be established.

The case has highlighted the importance of protecting children and adolescents from abuse and exploitation.

Authorities, and the community as a whole, have been called upon to take action to prevent future cases of child sexual abuse.

Remembering Madeline Soto

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Photo: Shutterstock

The revelation that Stephan Sterns faces serious charges for his alleged sexual abuse of Madeline Soto underscores the severity of the situation.

Meanwhile, Madeline Soto’s family and friends continue to work through the pain and devastation of her loss.

Amidst sadness and outrage, the community comes together in solidarity with Madeline’s family and in their call for justice.

The memory of Madeline Soto will remain in the hearts of those who loved her and in the fight for a world where children are protected and safe.

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