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Lyn May announces that she’s pregnant at the age of 68

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  • Lyn May announces that she’s pregnant.
  • The 68-year-old actress claims she is 3 months pregnant.
  • I’m very happy to announce that I’m 3 months pregnant.”

Lyn May is pregnant. In the world of entertainment, there have been great surprises that have been talked about because of how shocking they were. On this occasion, surprisingly, Mexican actress Lyn May, without going into much detail, made a surprise announcement on her social networks.

The flamboyant 68-year-old Mexican-born vedette, made a surprising confession through her Instagram account that has left all the Internet users who saw what Lyn May shared in his social network profile with their mouths hanging.

Lyn May announces her pregnancy

Lyn May pregnant

With a simple message and with an image where she looks quite happy, Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, wrote in her post that she is in the happiest stage of her life, since soon, although many believed it impossible, in the following months she will become a mother together with His couple.

It turns out that Lyn May announced that she is already 3 months pregnant, a news that has gone viral in the world of entertainment. He announced it on his Instagram account with a photo with his partner the singer Markos DI, who is worth mentioning is younger than her by 30 years.

Lyn May pregnant: “ I am 3 months pregnant “

Lyn May pregnant: " I am 3 months pregnant"

I am very happy to announce that I am 3 months pregnant and @ markosd1official He is very happy that he will be dad ”, was the official announcement where the Mexican starlet gave the surprising news in her publication. Internet users immediately reacted to this situation.

“Now sit down Ma’am”, “You are the best joke of the year”, “Today is April Fools’ day?”, “I have hopes of being a mother”, “I do not believe you, ma’am”, “Belly for rent”, “At 76 years old ma’am?”, Were some of the comments from the fans.

Lyn May pregnant: “The vaccine is affecting the Lady”

Lyn May pregnant: "The vaccine is affecting the Lady"

Through the Instagram account of the Suelta la Sopa program, news was shared about Lyn May’s possible pregnancy, inviting users to leave their opinions on the matter: “#LynMay generates a commotion in the networks by announcing that she is pregnant with the singer # MarkosD1. What do you think? “, He wrote in the post.

The truth is only to attract attention “,” The vaccine is affecting the Lady “,” I even got my hair on end, it’s serious “,” The lady has to have her menopause since 1990. Always wanting to call the attention “,” It is an illusion of her to get pregnant with that boy is in her mind and she can not this past time, “Internet users commented.

Lyn May pregnant: They have not given details

Lyn May pregnant: They have not given details

So far the Mexican has not given more details, but it is mentioned that in the next few hours the star will be informing and clarifying about this possible pregnancy, where many Internet users still do not believe in the possibility that Lyn May is a mother at 68 years old.

On the other hand, the man who will assume the responsibility of being the father of Liliana Mendiola Mayanes’ baby, the singer Markos DI, has also not mentioned anything about it on his social networks. Many are waiting for what the artist shares to confirm the news.

Lyn May pregnant: Her stage as an actress

Lyn May pregnant: Her stage as an actress

Lyn May’s childhood was spent in Acapulco, in the bosom of a large family that had to go out to the beach to sell food and products, which Lyn prepared in the company of her grandmother. It was during the stage that the actress lived with her grandmother that she began to suffer sexual abuse by one of her couples, a fact that she would not make public until her grandmother died years later.

In her adolescence, Lyn’s life took an unexpected turn, since while she was working in a snack bar, she met a sailor, who led her under deceit to live in Mexico City, away from her family and the port where he had spent most of his life. In this city she suffered a rape by the man who had led her under deceit; however, she became pregnant, and her family decided to force her to marry that person. His first two daughters were born from this marriage, the second of them when May was just 16 years old.

Lyn May pregnant: attack Chiquis

Attack Chiquis
Photo YouTube Live Gossip

A few weeks ago while giving an interview for the show Gossip live, led by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, Mexican actress and star Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, better known as Lyn May, attacked Chiquis Rivera with everything. In addition to telling him that he must lose weight, Lyn May told the singer, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, to “no longer swallow”, apart from that he also dedicated a few words to the couple formed by Belinda and Christian Nodal, among other celebrity personalities .

In the first place, the star commented that they have recently attacked her on social networks because it occurred to her to say that Belinda “does nothing”, in addition to copying him, since she made a video where she appears marrying businessman Markos D1. “And now his secretaries, his people are threatening me, because I just told the truth, that he is very gray and that he does not have a beautiful voice, is the only thing I said, so now you cannot tell the truth? Now they are going to put me in jail, then put me in jail, “said Lyn May.

“They are attacking me”

"They are attacking me"
Photo YouTube Live Gossip

After saying that when they put her in jail she will dance and move the buttocks of all those who are locked up, Lyn May assured that they are attacking her on social networks and they told her to see herself in a mirror: “I am not attacking her (to Belinda), on the contrary, I’m telling her to study, to go to ballet classes ”.

In addition to sending this message to Christian Nodal’s girlfriend, the star insisted that Beli should take singing and acting classes “because she is very gray”, besides that she is very pretty so that she goes unnoticed: “I am not attacking her , but now his envoys are insulting me ”. Filed Under: Lyn May pregnant.

“It is pure chatter”

"It's pure chatter"
Photo YouTube Live Gossip

At this point in the interview, no one would imagine what Lyn May would have in store for Chiquis Rivera, since he continued to insist on the issue of Belinda and Christian Nodal, who he does not believe are getting married, he even assured that “it is pure chatter” .

“They copied us, they copied everything, everything, no one has copied us, even Ninel Conde, who was going to get married and the mad…, she didn’t even get married, everyone, even Jennifer López (JLo) copied us, because we did a video, (where) Markos and I got married and then they all came out of there ”. Filed Under: Lyn May pregnant.

He tells Chiquis that “he should go to the gym”

He tells Chiquis that "you should go to the gym"
Photo YouTube Live Gossip

And when nobody expected it, and after he assured that the engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave to Belinda “is pure chatter” and that even Markos D1 gave one to her, Lyn May went with everything to the singer Chiquis Rivera:

“Look, also the other fat woman who is there called Chiquis should go to the gym because a woman, an artist, must have respect for the public. How is it possible that the public comes out so fat, to show itself to the public? He must lose weight, so that he no longer swallows ”. Filed Under: Lyn May pregnant.

“Belinda always threatening people”

"Belinda always threatening people"
Photo YouTube Live Gossip

Although it was very hard against Chiquis Rivera, and to a lesser extent Belinda and Christian Nodal, the Mexican star Lyn May received samples of support from the users: “I like Lyn May, bravo, she is an open-minded woman” , “Lyn May is absolutely right.”

“They said what had to be said”, “Very sincere, the truth does not sin, but uncomfortable, and Belinda always threatening people”, “You are my idol Lyn”, “Strong statements, the truth is I love Lyn May” , “This Mrs. Lyn does not mince words, she tells the pure truth”, you can read in more comments (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: Lyn May pregnant.


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