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They show Lupillo Rivera about to hit Romeh in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Lupillo Rivera and Romeh (Photo: Mezcalent/Getty Images vía MundoNOW Archive)
  • Rivalry between Lupillo and Romeh for Ariadna.
  • Moment interrupted by Lupillo Rivera.
  • Threat of fight in reality show.

The tension in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ reaches critical levels with the escalating rivalry between Lupillo Rivera and Romeh for Ariadna’s affection.

Following Thalí’s departure from the renowned reality show, Lupillo has shown a clear interest in Ariadna, just like Romeh.

This interest has ultimately sparked a conflict between Lupillo and Romeh, which now threatens to divide the atmosphere in the Tierra room.

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Tension in La Casa de los Famosos

Fight between Lupillo Rivera and Romeh, La Casa de los Famosos, Ariadna, Telemundo, Reality Show
Lupillo Rivera and Romeh fight PHOTO Capture from TikTok

The situation reached its climax during a romantic dinner between Romeh and Ariadna inside the house, an intimate moment abruptly interrupted by Lupillo Rivera’s intrusion.

The singer didn’t hide his discontent with the scene, claiming that he and Romeh had agreed not to interfere in the model’s romantic interests.

«You’ve crossed the line,» Lupillo expressed with evident annoyance as he unexpectedly joined the dinner, making his discomfort clear about what had happened.

However, Ariadna didn’t remain silent and came to Romeh’s defense, stating that he hadn’t done anything he was being accused of: «Romeh hasn’t crossed any lines.»

Lupillo Rivera and Romeh fight

Lupillo Rivera, Romeh, La Casa de los Famosos, Ariadna, Telemundo,
PHOTO Capture from TikTok

The atmosphere became even more tense when images were shared on social media depicting the verbal confrontation between Lupillo and Romeh before things escalated physically.

The harsh words and accumulated tensions became evident as Romeh confronted Lupillo in the room, reminding him of their previously agreed-upon arrangement.

The argument quickly escalated, with Lupillo emphasizing his discontent and threatening more drastic actions.

«I’m not going to waste my time with you. You’ve crossed the line,» Lupillo snapped, alerting the other participants present in the room.

Lupillo and Romeh about to hit each other

Lupillo Rivera, Romeh, La Casa de los Famosos, Ariadna, Telemundo,
PHOTO Capture from TikTok

On his part, Romeh responded firmly, making it clear that Lupillo’s patience had reached its limit.

Tensions reached their peak when Lupillo, visibly irritated, began to remove his audio equipment as a sign of direct confrontation.

«Let’s go head-to-head, this guy… is getting heated and there’s going to be trouble,» Lupillo warned Romeh, hinting at a possible physical confrontation that kept viewers on edge.

The conflict between Lupillo, Romeh, and Ariadna has created a tense and suspenseful atmosphere within ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

Expectations about the future of the reality show

Fight, Lupillo Rivera, Romeh, La Casa de los Famosos, Ariadna,
PHOTO Telemundo

Viewers are left uncertain about the future of coexistence in the Tierra room in a delicate situation.

This situation, according to the shared images, could trigger unexpected consequences in the reality show.

Through social media, fans of the famous program have begun to express their opinions following the altercation between the celebrities.

«I think we should kick out Ariadna and Romeh!» «I feel like the problem is that Ari wasn’t clear from the beginning. If she had told Lupillo ‘I clearly like Romeh and that’s it’,» they said.

They show support for Lupillo

Telemundo, Reality Show, United States, Confrontation, MundoNOW
PHOTO Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

«What?! Did you cross the line just because Ari didn’t pay attention to the gentleman?» «If she hadn’t wanted anything with Lupillo, she would have stopped him from the beginning,» they commented.

«Of course, he felt betrayed, it’s obvious she gave them both a chance,» «Team Lupillo always, no matter what,» «I’m sticking with Lupillo,» they added.

«Lupillo is overreacting, Romeh didn’t do anything against the line,» «Ari gave them both encouragement,» «The betrayal comes from the mastermind Romeh, who condemns everyone but does everything behind the scenes,» they said.

To watch the fight video, click on the link HERE.

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