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Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos

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Lupillo Rivera, Maripily, hijos, Karisma, JoeJoe, Puerto Rico, Thalí García
Lupillo Rivera is exposed (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Does Lupillo have problems?
  • He has a strong fight with Maripily.
  • They discover secret of production.

Movie nights at La Casa de los Famosos always spark controversies among the residents.

During these events, strategic conversations and intimate moments are revealed, such as the steamy date between Aleska and Christian Estrada in the suite.

The screening of «La Jefa» uncovered a terrifying plan by Lupillo Rivera and his allies from the Tierra room.

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Lupillo vs Maripily

 House of Famous People, controversies, inhabitants, strategic conversations, mundonow
Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos PHOTO: Meznivel

The rift in the relationship between Toro del Corrido and Maripily sparked a conversation between them and their fellow housemates about their coexistence.

The incident reveals tensions among the residents, fueling speculation about the future of the program’s living arrangements.

Friction between participants is escalating, creating a contentious atmosphere. Recurring arguments highlight difficulties in reaching a consensus.

«I know how to get Maripily out of the room,» Lupillo said in front of Clovis and other colleagues who were listening attentively.

What was the plan?

hot date, Aleska, Christian Estrada, mundonow
Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos PHOTO: Screenshot of X

The performer suggests to Clovis to seduce Geraldine. Clovis refuses, arguing that manipulating her is not in his plans.

Lupillo intervened, emphasizing that all the housemates were involved in some game, adding an additional layer of intrigue.

The plan didn’t come to fruition. Lupillo remains interested in Ariadna, without taking any actions to conquer Bazán, thus disregarding the initial suggestion.

Meanwhile, Maripily experienced tension upon returning to the suite after a few days away, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere upon her return to the Tierra room.

Maripily defends herself

 La Jefa, terror plan, Lupillo Rivera, mundonow
Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos PHOTO: Screenshot of X

During the movie session at La Casa de los Famosos, Lupillo’s conversation with his allies was exposed, eliciting an immediate reaction from Maripily, who didn’t hesitate to speak out.

«I saw the face of the hypocrite, of the enemy beside me, but I won’t back down because if he’s a hypocrite, I’m even more of a hypocrite than he is,» she declared.

Faced with Maripily’s complaints, Lupillo chose to remain silent and responded with a simple smile, avoiding direct confrontations.

The tension in the house escalated, with others observing the interaction between them. This incident could influence future alliances.

Did Lupillo fight with producers?

fourth Earth, fractured relationship, Toro del Corrido, Maripily, mundonow
Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos PHOTO: Meznivel

Ariadna Gutiérrez surprised everyone by revealing that Lupillo Rivera had confronted three producers in the past.

This confession sparked controversy among the fans, as they did not expect such a revelation from the Colombian.

Ari told Aleksa, «The whole house is against him (Lupillo), remember when the three producers came, it could also come from there.»

Indicating that Lupillo Rivera has enemies among many people, including those involved in the production of the reality show.

Everyone is surprised

Lupillo vs Maripily, seduce, Geraldine, mundonow
Lupillo Rivera is exposed in La Casa de los Famosos PHOTO: Meznivel

Users across various platforms have been commenting on Lupillo’s «issue»: «He’s saying that production wants to make Lupillo look bad.»

«Why are they portraying Lupillo as a victim? They’ve exposed everyone hahaha just that he feels exposed,» wrote one user.

«They want to destroy the Tierra room at all costs because it’s said they already have the winners, and they only want Divaza and Clovis from Tierra,» others commented.

«Telefraude wants to protect Maripily and is exposing conversations that should be private.» WATCH ARIADNA’S VIDEO HERE. AND LUPILLO VS MARIPILY HERE.

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