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Lupillo Rivera confesses betrayal by his ex-girlfriend Giselle Soto

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Lupillo Rivera confesses betrayal (PHOTOS: Mezcalent)
  • Lupillo Rivera confesses betrayal.
  • The alleged infidelity that his ex made.
  • The singer confirms suspicions and gives details.

It was in May 2023 that the singer Lupillo Rivera confirmed his breakup with his girlfriend, the influencer Giselle Soto.

‘El Toro del Corrido’ communicated the news through their social media after 3 years they were together.

However, there were many rumors about the sudden separation.

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At the end of 2023, rumors of alleged infidelity on the part of his girlfriend began to spread, many arguing that she had cheated on him in Las Vegas with a boxer.

However, the truth has finally come to light, and it came from the mouth of Lupillo Rivera.

In an intimate chat in his room, ‘El Toro del Corrido’ opened up and decided to tell the truth after his romantic separation with Giselle Soto, thus revealing all the intimate details.

«Almost a year ago (they finished). We already had problems, I didn’t give her the attention she wanted. She went for a walk in Las Vegas one day and there they saw her with someone else,» declared the singer.

Lupillo Rivera reveals how they were ‘unfaithful’ to him

Las Vegas, confession, relationship, separation, betrayal,
PHOTO: Mezcalent

According to reports, Giselle Soto would have cheated on Lupillo with a boxer named Fernando Vargas Jr. Rivera, with whom she would have been seen on a trip to the famous.

At the time of telling the facts, Lupillo began to laugh and surprised with his statements in the intimate talk he had with Sofía in the room at bedtime.

Later, the singer told what he did when he found out: «I just said: ‘You know what? «I fucking have to be here alone,» he said.

«And I packed her things and told him to go home,» the singer revealed, ensuring that he kicked out her ex-girlfriend after finding out about the alleged infidelity.

The statements of a friend of Giselle

love, honesty, loyalty, intimacy, influencer
Lupillo Rivera confesses betrayal PHOTO: Mezcalent

«I told her that I didn’t have issues but if we are no longer getting along, I want you to leave,» the singer confessed about the warning he gave to his ex-girlfriend.

Lupillo also stated that a friend of Giselle, his ex, confirmed what she did to him, that she committed infidelity, also reflecting a ‘betrayal’ on the part of the friendship.

«I know you did good things, there are ungrateful people and all that,» the singer said about what his ex Giselle’s friend supposedly told him.

Lupillo Rivera’s statements reflect the importance of respect and trust in a relationship, and serve as a reminder of the dangers of lack of honesty.

Lupillo Rivera: One year since his love breakup

singer, boxer, truth, rumors, commitment, trust
Lupillo Rivera confesses betrayal PHOTO: Getty Images

This makes clear that, although love can be powerful, betrayal and disloyalty have no place in a healthy and respectful relationship.

Honesty and transparency are essential in any relationship, and Lupillo Rivera has shown courage by sharing his experience and facing the truth of his breakup.

Lupillo’s story serves as a reminder that in the most public relationships, intimacy and trust remain fundamental elements for their success and durability.

Rivera’s revelation not only closes a chapter in his personal life, but also sends a clear message about the importance of loyalty (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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