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Lupillo Rivera apologizes for ‘betraying’ his team in La Casa de los Famosos

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Lupillo Rivera, Romeh, Casa de los Famosos, entretenimiento, celebridades
Lupillo Rivera apologizes (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • There is more tension in La Casa de los Famosos
  • Everyone goes against Maripily
  • Did Lupillo Rivera betray his teammates?

Last night, at the gala of the fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos,» Colombian model Ariadna Gutiérrez confronted Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera about his stance.

All members of the fourth team, «Tierra,» except for him, positioned themselves behind Puerto Rican Maripily Rivera, sparking controversy.

Rivera responded by defending his choice, citing personal and strategic differences.

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What happened to Maripily and the Equipo Tierra?

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Lupillo Rivera apologizes to his teammates PHOTO: Mezcalent

Despite her commitment not to nominate, Maripily distanced herself from the team after arguing with several members of the group.

The first significant confrontation was with Lupillo Rivera, who asked Maripily not to humiliate «his people.»

After the conflict, the actress confronted Ariadna Gutiérrez, seeking to resolve their differences in an open and direct conversation.

The Colombian beauty queen requested a few minutes to talk and try to resolve the differences, but Rivera did not respond in the same manner.

All against Maripily

Lupillo Rivera and Maripily Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Maripily Rivera, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo
PHOTOS: Meznivel/Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Maripily became the target of attacks during the positioning, even mentioning his son, José Antonio García Rivera, known as Joe Joe.

Gutiérrez listed arguments for his departure, including Joe Joe’s discontent with her recent actions, highlighting additional tensions in the group.

The 46-year-old businesswoman faced six positions: Ariadna, Divaza, Clovis, Romeh, Geraldine Bazán and Isis Serrath.

Tension around Maripily grew, exposing divisions within the group and putting her stay in the competition in doubt.

Lupillo wants to leave her out

jenni rivera, lupillo, alfredo and lupillo rivera, fourth land
PHOTO: Mezcalent

After being perceived as a traitor by her team in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, Maripily Rivera chose to separate from them.

Faced with this situation, Lupillo, Clovis Nienow, La Divaza, Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez asked their followers, in front of the cameras, for support to eliminate the actress.

The unexpected twist in the plot triggered an intensification of tension between the members of the team, generating a rarefied atmosphere.

Despite this, the strategy of forming an alliance in order to expel Maripily revealed a renewed and surprising competitive dynamic.

Did Lupillo also betray them?

jenni rivera, mundonow, program, elimination
PHOTO: Mezcalent

After the gala, Gutiérrez confronted Lupillo for placing himself behind La Bronca, expressing his disagreement at having taken risks without consequences.

«We carried out all the shots and you came out well… And as a woman, it feels very ugly… I don’t know how that could have happened to you,» Ariadna said.

«My concern is that I hope this mistake doesn’t cost us her (Maripily) going down there tomorrow,» said the Colombian in the face of the artist’s silence.

To which Lupillo told the Colombian «excuse me» for not being on the side of his team.

Does El Toro del Corrido play alone?

mundonow, ariadna Gutiérrez, strategy, program,
Lupillo Rivera apologizes to his teammates PHOTO: X (Twitter)

People who do not miss a minute of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos have already reacted on social media.

And some have claimed that the members of the Equipo Tierra are being manipulated by Lupillo Rivera and that he has them as «his puppets.»

«I think Lupillo is using his teammates to reach the final,» «He is very intelligent, he has them asleep, he sends them to the precipice and he dominates the game,» they wrote.

«That’s not bad, he’s the only one who knows how to play! It is a reality that even the public is asleep. This social experiment is interesting, he is a good strategist. WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE.

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