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Lupillo betrays his team and reconciles with Maripily on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Lupillo reconciles with Maripily (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Lupillo reconciles with Maripily.
  • He exposes Ariadne’s betrayal.
  • People immediately react on social media.

Lupillo Rivera, who has been embroiled in controversy on La Casa de los Famosos, now claims to have been betrayed by his colleagues from Cuarto Tierra,

The regional Mexican singer was upset with Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez.

Let’s remember that both Romeh and Lupillo were pursuing the Colombian model, which has sparked tension on the reality show.

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A confrontation on La Casa de los Famosos

LCDLF, Telemundo, Reality, Conflicts, Lupillo reconciles with Maripily
Photo: Screenshot TikTok Moments from LCDLF

This episode led the singer to change rooms and, surprisingly, make up with Maripily Rivera, who recently abandoned the Tierra pact.

Lupillo spoke out on the Sunday, April 7 episode of the reality show.

He talked about the alleged betrayal that he says he suffered at the hands of Romeh and Ariadna.

«I hadn’t slept for three days, I have a very strong position… I had it, but after a betrayal,» Lupillo began.

Lupillo says he was betrayed by Ariadna

Singer, Controversy, Television, Social Networks, Challenges
Photo: Mezcalo

He turned and looked at Ariadna, who also positioned herself behind Maripily Rivera, one of the nominees to leave the house.

The Colombian model said neither she nor Rodrigo had betrayed Lupillo.

«There is no betrayal Lupillo,» Ariadna said. Immediately Maripily yelled that she was a traitor.

Some say Lupillo Rivera caught Romeh and Ariadna having a romantic dinner, which provoked the ‘No Llega el Olvido’ singer’s anger.

Controversy on La Casa de los Famosos

Controversy, Celebrities, Shock, Discussions, Disloyalty
Photo: Mezcalo

«They are fake, they did the same thing they are doing to me,» added the Puerto Rican model.

«I have to change my position, Maripily, you and I have to fix many things,» said the regional Mexican artist.

«I admire you for the strong woman you are, but when you scream you scare me… Sometimes you walk by the house and give me ugly eyes,» said Lupillo.

«We have had much tension, in this room I gave my soul, I gave my life, I stayed up many nights, I don’t deserve any of this, the eight of us who were there know,» he continued.

Lupillo reconciles with Maripily

lupillo reconciles with maripily, La Casa de los Famosos, lupillo, maripily, cuarto tierra
Photo: Mezcalo

«I don’t come to victimize myself, I simply come to clarify the things that should be done and that should not be done,» added the singer.

«I admire you, I respect you and we will talk soon,» Lupillo Rivera concluded, also adding, «If I stay with Cuarto Tierra.»

Maripily added, «It is the biggest betrayal in the world. They are doing it to me now that they want to take me out of the room, now they are doing it to you (Lupillo) but in a different way.»

«I hope you return to Cuarto Tierra because it was a pact that I made and that little by little they themselves are destroying,» she continued.

Reactions on social media

lupillo reconciles with maripily, La Casa de los Famosos, lupillo, maripily, cuarto tierra
Photo: Meznivel

Although Lupillo believes that he was betrayed by those he thought were his friends ,and by the woman he was interested in, opinions are divided on social media.

«Lupillo and Romeh almost came to blows.» «Then there is no longer Team Tierra.» «Ari accepted gifts from Lupillo and a serenade,» were some of the comments.

«He doesn’t understand.» «I’ll stay with Ari and Romeh.» «So if Ari doesn’t listen to Lupillo it’s betrayal.» «Only those of us who see 24/7 know Lupe’s pain.»

The reconciliation between Lupillo Rivera and Maripily Rivera in the midst of this controversy adds a new twist to the drama on La Casa de los Famosos. See the video where Lupillo reconciles with Maripily HERE.

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