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LULAC issues alert about «armed out-of-state extremists» going to Texas

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LULAC sends warning to Hispanics
LULAC sends warning to Hispanics (Photo: Getty Images/Shutterstock)
  • LULAC sends warning about white extremists heading to Texas.
  • They say «armed out-of-state extremists» are a danger.
  • Greg Abbott has encouraged violence against immigrants.

Given the escalating immigration crisis in the United States, tensions are rising in some areas.

Now, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has issued a national alert about alleged «armed out-of-state extremists.»

LULAC President Domingo García accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of inciting potential violence.

In addition, it’s been reported that a group calling itself «God’s army» plans to travel to the Texas border from Virginia.

LULAC sends a stark warning

LULAC sends warning, human rights, United States, southern border, Texas, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

LULAC is the largest and oldest Latino human rights group in the United States.

They issued a national alert on Monday for alleged “armed out-of-state extremists” heading to the southern border of Texas, the EFE agency reported.

In a statement, the national president of LULAC, Domingo García, warned that the governor of Texas is encouraging violence.

He noted that Republican Greg Abbott is “agitating people to possibly commit acts of violence and mass murder.”

Why did LULAC issue this warning?

 armed extremists, Greg Abbott, violence, mass murders, migrants, border barriers, MundoNOW
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“We urge our members, especially those in Texas, to be on alert for armed out-of-state extremists with a hate agenda,» he added.

The press release also highlighted that there have been mass shootings targeting Hispanics near the border in recent years.

«We’ve seen death at the hands of shooters due to hate speech. We cannot forget what occurred at the Walmart in El Paso, Texas, just a few years ago,» he added.

Likewise, García pointed out that Abbott’s actions have endangered the community.

Hate speech is being used to incite violence

 Supreme Court, Border Patrol, Biden government, hate speech, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

The LULAC president stated that the situation is inciting anger and creating intense friction.

«Hate speech is being used yet again to rachet up anger and hatred that are putting Hispanic Texans, law enforcement, military service members, and innocent civilians in the crosshairs,» he declared.

Last week Abbott added fuel to the fire in his fight against the Biden administration.

He is currently defying an emergency Supreme Court ruling to allow the Border Patrol to remove barbed wire installed on the Texas-Mexico border.

What is Governor Abbott doing?

Hispanics from Texas, law enforcement, military service, innocent civilians, national alert, MundoNOW
Photo: AP

The Republican governor defended the installation of more «barriers» to prevent the entry of migrants, whom he considers «criminals.»

Several conservative governors have supported Abbott, as have private groups, according to EFE.

LULAC warned that a group calling itself «God’s army» announced that it has a convoy traveling from Virginia Beach, Virgina to the Mexican border.

The group is heading to Eagle Pass, Texas; Yuma, Arizona and San Ysidro, California, according to Vice News.

This is only the second time LULAC has issued an alert

 Eagle Pass, Yuma, San Ysidro, God's army, Virginia Beach, convoy, confrontations, calm, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

This is the second national alert that LULAC has given in its almost 100 years of existence, noted the EFE agency.

In the group’s press release García said their first alert was issued for Florida in 2023.

«LULAC issued the first National Alert in May 2023, warning against traveling to Florida after Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed Bill 1718, unleashing a wave of anti-immigrant measures against Latinos in that state.″

Ray Mancera, national vice president of LULAC for the southwestern United States, asked border communities to remain “peaceful and respectful of the law,” EFE indicated.

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