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Luis Fonsi appears with a disfigured face after injecting himself with medication he is allergic to

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Luis Fonsi with a disfigured face, Singer, Celebrities, Controversy, Social Networks- Luis Fonsi con cara desfigurada, Cantante, Celebridades, Polémica, Redes Sociales
Luis Fonsi with a Disfigured Face/Photo: Mezcalent
  • Luis Fonsi with a Disfigured Face
  • Dramatic Transformation Due to Allergic Injection
  • Impact on Social Media and Medical Reflection

The renowned Puerto Rican singer, Luis Fonsi, has shared a shocking medical experience that left him with a disfigured face.

During an interview on the show ‘El Hormiguero,’ Fonsi revealed how an allergic medical injection dramatically transformed his appearance.

He described that day as «one of the worst of his life.»

According to the artist, the injection was administered as part of the treatment for a burn he suffered on his arm.

Luis Fonsi Appears with Disfigured Face

Luis Fonsi with a disfigured face, Singer, Social Networks, Celebrities, Impact
Luis Fonsi with a disfigured face – Photo: Mezcalent

The incident occurred during one of his concerts in Argentina in 2011.

It happened when the pyrotechnics used in the show directly hit his arm, leaving it completely burned.

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Fonsi had previously mentioned this incident, but this time he shared more intimate details about the medical consequences he faced.

On the show hosted by Pablo Motos, Fonsi described being in the hospital to receive treatment for the burn.

Then he was given an injection containing components to which he was allergic to.

Despite having previously informed the doctors about his allergies, the allergic reaction soon appeared, severely affecting his face and rendering him unrecognizable.

«Have you seen the movie Shrek? It was something like that,» Fonsi commented during the interview, referring to the uncontrolled swelling he experienced in his face.

«I enter this mini hospital with my arm burned, face completely disfigured, and the public followed me because they knew something was wrong,» he added.

«I was wearing a hood out of embarrassment. I enter, the doctor looks at my face, my arm, I was a mess… The worst day of my life,» said Luis Fonsi.

In disbelief, Pablo Motos asked to see a photo of the transformation he underwent, and Fonsi did not hesitate to show the image on his mobile phone.

Motos and the audience were astounded to see the difference between the singer’s usual appearance and how he looked during that difficult medical episode.

«It’s incredible, it’s a completely different person,» Pablo Motos remarked upon seeing the photo of the allergic reaction on Fonsi’s face.

Reactions on Social Media

Reactions, Reviews, Luis Fonsi, Artist, Allergy
Photo: IG Yo Soy Molusco Screenshot

His revelation about this medical experience not only made an impact on the show but also on social media.

«Luis ‘Pedro Picapiedras’ Fonsi,» «He finally gave up,» «He turned into Dross,» «The drug is called anti-youth,» read the comments.

«He looks older,» «Obviously it’s not him,» «He looks like Eugenio Derbez,» «Karma is real,» «He forgot the filter and the makeup,» others said.

This is a reflection on the importance of communication between patients and health professionals in emergency situations. HERE is the video.

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