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Luis Elizondo: former lead researcher on the UFO phenomenon at the Pentagon

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  • Jorge Luis Sucksdorf talked to Luis Elizondo.
  • Elizondo worked on UFO stuff for the Pentagon.
  • He talked about his work there and what he thinks about aliens and UFOs.

Here’s the interview I did with Luis Elizondo. He worked for 10 years on UFOs at the Pentagon.

We talked a lot about his secret work, how the U.S. thinks about UFOs now, and what he thinks might happen in the future with UFOs.

I met him last year when he came to Argentina for a TV show on the History Channel. I helped with that show, which was also in Uruguay and Peru.

We spent some time traveling and talking, especially in a place called Neuquén.

About Luis Elizondo

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Luis thinks of himself like any regular person.

He got really into UFOs when he started a job at the Pentagon.

Before that, he worked on other stuff like stopping bad guys and spying.

He worked on UFOs for eight years.

What He Did at the Pentagon

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He was the middleman between the Defense group and the Spy group in the U.S. He collected stories about UFOs seen by the U.S. army and government.

Elizondo talked to a lot of people and got a lot of information.

While working there, he looked into UFO stories in the U.S. where important army and government people were involved.

He learned something new from every UFO story.

What They Found Out

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Luis and his team figured out that UFOs are real.

But they don’t know where they come from or how they work.

Luis left his Pentagon job because he wanted to tell a big boss some important things, but it was hard because of lots of rules.

He made this decision because he wanted to alert the Defense Secretary about the information he had gathered, as the Pentagon’s bureaucracy was hindering communication.

What He Thinks About UFOs Now

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He likes a company called Academy of the Stars, started by Tom DeLonge.

This company learns more about UFOs to tell people about them.

Luis thinks it’s important for everyone to talk about UFOs.

He also talked about special materials that can change when mixed with other things.

What People Should Do

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Studying UFOs could change science. His interest in the UFO phenomenon and his involvement in History Channel‘s «No Identificado» stem from his desire to promote global discussions.

He thinks if we want to really understand UFOs, everyone needs to be involved.

About his life, Luis likes being alone and quiet in a place in Wyoming, far from big city noise.

He believes in doing good things in life and that heroes are everyday people helping others.

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