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Ludwika Paleta reveals the physical condition she suffers from

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Ludwika Paleta Physical Condition, Actress, Hearing, MundoNow, Rumors
Ludwika Paleta's Physical Condition (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Ludwika Paleta and her physical condition
  • Does she  have a disease?
  • She had to learn to live with it.

Ludwika Paleta, when talking about her private and professional life, she is always honest.

The actress has decided to share with the media that she has been facing a physical condition in recent times.

She acknowledged that at times it can be annoying. Bue she has learned to manage this condition in some way.

And although it is noted that her illness does not have a definitive solution, the actress has managed to cope with the situation.

Ludwika Paleta physical condition

Ludwika Paleta, actress, private life, professional life, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«This is tinnitus, a problem that originates inside the ear, causing you to experience a constant sound at all hours.

The interpreter shared this in a recent meeting with the press, where she spoke openly about her condition.

«I started to develop quite loud tinnitus, and it’s not a hearing problem as such,» she said.

«They say that it is a phantom stimulus of the brain and that you perceive it as if it were from the ear,» she continued.

Shares her condition

physical condition, tinnitus, tinnitus, hearing, constant sound
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«I have learned to live with that beeping sound, I pretend I don’t hear it, I try to disguise it and convince myself that nothing is happening, that it is there and it is fine,» she added.

Ludwika revealed that this condition allowed her to develop greater sensitivity towards the challenges faced by people with hearing problems.

This was especially evident through her role in the film «Todo el Silencio», where her character suffers from deafness.

«One thing that made me very embarrassed was that people thought I was imitating people who can’t speak and I didn’t want to fall into mocking,» she said.

I was afraid of being judged

 performer, sensitivity, hearing problems, film "All the Silence"mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«For them (people who do not listen, in real life) the pandemic was terrible, because with the masks they could not know what was being said to them,» she noted.

«They themselves say they have a disability that is not evident and that makes it more complex,» shared the soap opera actress.

«Because you don’t know who of those next to you on the street does not listen and they are not given any consideration,» she concluded.

For some time, Ludwika Paleta has suffered from this illness and now she has decided to reveal it.

Want to raise awareness

deafness, pandemic, disability, awareness, mundonow
Ludwika Physical condition palette. Photo: Mezcalent

With this film, Ludwika Paleta and the cast seek to raise awareness about the lack of support for people with this disability.

It was quite a surprise that Ludwika Paleta kept it a secret that she has been suffering from an illness for a long time.

In accordance with People en Español although the film and television actress keeps it «controlled» it is still annoying.

Actress Ludwika Paleta shared how she copes with the discomfort of her condition and how she has adapted to that way of life.

Ludwika’s illness

ringing in the ears, sound therapy, behavioral therapy, coping techniques, mundonow
Ludwika Physical condition palette. PHOTO: Mezcalent

People often describe tinnitus as ringing in the ears, although some also experience other sounds, such as roaring or buzzing.

Tinnitus affects a significant portion of the population, with research indicating that between 10% and 25% of adults experience this condition.

Likewise, it is indicated that children can also experience tinnitus.

In both children and adults, tinnitus can improve or even disappear over time, although in some situations it can worsen.

A cure?

entertainment, soap operas, movies, mundonow, hearing problems
Ludwika Physical condition palette. PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

According to the portal NIDCD there are several ways to mitigate the impact of tinnitus on people.

There are various types of devices used in sound therapy such as sound therapy Behavioral therapy

The first is based in part on the view that tinnitus is due to changes in the neural circuits of the brain.

While the second can only improve health by helping you reduce the impact of tinnitus on your life with coping techniques and strategies.

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