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Lucía Méndez confirms that she received a call from Juan Gabriel

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Lucía Méndez spoke to Juan Gabriel (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • The actress says the unexpected.
  • Did she have a paranormal experience?
  • People unleashe criticism for her statement.

Despite the passage of time, speculations regarding Juan Gabriel’s alleged survival endure.

Mexican actress Lucía Méndez has resurrected these theories after confirming her contact with the deceased singer.

Furthermore, several followers claim to have received enigmatic messages suggesting his reappearance.

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Had a call with the singer

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Photo: Mezcalent

Recently, Lucía Méndez, a renowned figure in the entertainment industry, has endorsed the theory that Juan Gabriel is still alive.

In a revealing statement, Méndez claimed to have had a telephone conversation with the legendary singer.

This event has sparked a new twist in the plot, adding credibility to speculations about Juan Gabriel’s alleged escape from his own death.

Méndez’s involvement in this debate has captured the attention of the media and fans of the iconic artist.

Did Juan Gabriel call her?

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Photo: Mezcalent

During an episode of the show «Siempre Reinas,» Lucía Méndez disclosed having spoken with Juan Gabriel, sparking intense debate.

In a moment of sincere confession, she shared with her colleague Olivia Collins the extraordinary experience she had.

«This morning, my phone rang,» Méndez recounted. «And he said, ‘hello, my dear.’ I was stunned,» she said upon hearing the voice of the performer of «Hasta que te conocí.»

«He burst into laughter; it was Juan Gabriel’s voice,» she asserted. «I swear it was Juan Gabriel,» she said about the iconic Mexican singer, who passed away on August 28, 2016.

Were there irregularities in his death?

health problems, followers, enigmatic messages, reappearance, mundonow
Photo: Mezcalent

Collins showed disbelief towards Méndez, who defended her position by arguing that the circumstances surrounding Juan Gabriel’s death are suspicious.

Méndez pointed out irregularities, such as the time between his death and the delivery of his remains, which do not align with standard procedures in the United States.

«When you’re in the United States and someone dies, it takes up to 15 days for them to deliver the body, and three days later he was already in the little box at Bellas Artes,» she explained.

«Saying that he’s alive when he passed away years ago unfortunately seems out of place to me,» Collins said in the show’s confessional.

unleash criticism

"Always Queens"intensity, debate, sincere confession, mundonow
Lucía Méndez says she spoke with Juan Gabriel PHOTO: Screenshot from Instagram

Lucía Méndez’s words sparked a polarized reaction on social media, unleashing criticism and mockery for her claim about Juan Gabriel.

Users expressed disbelief and deemed her comment in bad taste, labeling it as a desperate attempt to grab attention.

Phrases like «We’ve lost Méndez» or «This woman doesn’t know how to get attention» multiplied. Some even questioned her sanity.

The controversy escalated with sarcastic comments like «It’s called Artificial Intelligence.»

Some support Lucía

extraordinary experience, voice, Juan Gabriel, undaunted, mundonow
PHOTO: Screenshot from Instagram

Despite the criticism and mockery, there were those who supported Lucía Méndez’s idea and were convinced that Juan Gabriel is alive.

Residents of Acapulco claimed sightings of Juan Gabriel, strengthening the belief in his possible survival among followers and viewers.

Méndez’s sincerity was supported by comments like «I believe her» or «Lucía wouldn’t have a reason to lie.»

Some also suggested that Méndez could be telling the truth and that everyone would be surprised if the singer reappeared. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ABOUT JUAN GABRIEL’S CALL HERE.

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