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Lucerito Mijares is criticized for her way of dressing

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Lucerito Mijares is criticized (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Lucerito Mijares is criticized
  • They ask her to dress differently
  • Does she respond to criticism?

Lucerito Mijares finds herself in the public eye once again, but this time for her choice of clothing.

The daughter of the famous Lucero and Mijares has given a lot to talk about in recent months, as she is equaling her parents by being a public figure.

Social media have become the main stage where users express their opinions about Lucerito’s outfit.

The young woman made an appearance on television, and it was then that she faced criticism for the outfit she wore.

She doesn’t dress well

Lucerito Mijares, fashion, style, clothing, mundonow
PHOTO Mezcalent

Some praised her bravery and creativity in exploring new fashion trends.

Others criticized her for what they consider a choice inappropriate for her age or outside traditional standards.

Well, even some internet users claimed that she dresses as if she were an old lady.

Until now, Lucerito has not responded to these accusations she received on Instagram.

Does she dress like an old lady ?

criticism, social networks, public opinion, trends, mundonow
PHOTO Mezcalent

A few days ago, 18-year-old Lucerito Mijares appeared on the show «Venga la salud.»

She was dressed in bright gray trousers, a black blouse, and a black sweater with white accents, completed with high-heeled shoes.

This outfit became the subject of mockery among netizens who saw a video on Instagram.

The account ‘Onda Lucerina’ shared this moment and did not expect it to ignite considerable controversy involving Lucero’s daughter.

They liked her clothes

creativity, personal expression, standards, entertainment industry, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The daughter of Mexican actress Lucero has received comments encouraging her to disregard the insults about her style of dress.

«She is beautiful in every way!!! She is also very talented and smart,» «Don’t listen to the gossip,» people wrote to her.

There are also rumors that the people responsible for her image might want to make her «look bad» in public.

«I think someone on her team dresses her like that on purpose. She is young; they should dress her in a way that’s appropriate for her age,» was one of the comments made.

They criticize Lucerito

famous parents, Lucero, Manuel Mijares, media attention, mundonow
Lucerito Mijares is criticized PHOTO: Mezcalent

While some netizens came to her defense, others used the opportunity to criticize her in the comments section of the shared video.

«Who is the lady?», «I don’t understand why this girl dresses like a 60-year-old woman,» were among the comments.

«There are plenty of beautiful clothes for her age, she looks like an old woman,» «She looks very tidy,» other netizens remarked on social media.

«Lucerito looks like she’s 30 when she’s only 18 years old!!!!!» another user added in the comments.

Does she dance well?

controversy, identity, freedom of expression, diversity, mundonow
Lucerito Mijares is criticized PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

Among the comments about her appearance, there were also others that compared her to her father.

They claimed she inherited ‘all from Mijares’ and got ‘nothing’ from her mother

‘She resembles her dad and is also not quick on her feet when dancing, lacking femininity,’ was one comment directed at her, referencing her dance moves in the video

Other user added: «Another user added, ‘Lucero didn’t do anything other than become pregnant.»

They say it’s not funny

society, individuality, artistic career, external pressure, mundonow
Lucerito Mijares is criticized PHOTO: Mezcalent

She also faced criticism from users who assert that there is an attempt to push her into the entertainment industry ‘by force.’

‘That girl is not funny at all,’ one user wrote, with another responding, ‘it’s true, they are trying to force her into show business.’

‘Enough with forcing her inclusion,’ another netizen commented on the video featuring Lucero’s daughter.


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