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Lolita: The beauty queen who worked for «The Lord of the Skies»

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FOTO: Captura sitio web Infobae y Getty Images
  • They had a love affair.
  • Dolores Camarena Gónzalez didn’t know what he was up to.
  • Her love condemned her.

A beauty pageant winner begun an affair with a commander of the Federal Police. However she did not really know who was behind that facade. Today we tell you about the beauty queen who worked for «El Señor de los Cielos» (The Lord of the Skies).

She is Dolores Camarena Gónzalez, also called ‘Lolita’, who was Miss Chihuahua 1980. At the time she was considered one of the most beautiful faces in the country. She managed to come in fourth place in the Miss Mexico 1980 pageant because of her undeniable beauty.

The beauty queen who worked for «The Lord of the Skies»

The beauty queen who worked for The Lord of the Skies
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

Her fame in beauty pageants brought her suitors linked to organized crime and shady businesses. Lolita fell prey to the charms of a Federal Police commander. Armando Olivares turned out to be a member of the Juárez Cartel, according to Union Jalisco.

He showered her with gifts and attention. Ultimately, the woman described by the Mexico City press as having an enviable figure, a symmetrical face and incredible natural beauty, agreed to marry the policeman.

He showered Dolores Camarena González  with luxurious gifts

He filled with luxurious gifts "Lolita"
PHOTO: Union Jalisco website captured

According to Prensa Libre, Dolores once unexpectedly found a late-model vehicle at her house. It was a gift from Armando Olivares Cervantes, a Federal Police commander who was part of the Juarez Cartel along with Jesús “Don Chuy” Meléndez and Gilberto “El Greñas” Ontiveros.

These three individuals were known in Mexico as «The Kings of Cocaine» and operated within a company created by Giuseppe Catania Ponsiglione, a renowned Italian capo. In the early 1980s, Olivares was one of the most powerful figures in Mexican drug trafficking and he won the heart of the young beauty queen by showering her with lavish gifts.

Lolita didn’t really know what her husband was doing

Dolores Camarena Gónzalez
PHOTO: Capture website PrensaLibre

Lolita was unaware of the true origin of Olivares’s wealth. However, after marrying the drug trafficking capo, she understood her husband’s real work. After marrying the drug trafficker belonging to the Juárez Cartel, the former beauty queen began to get involved in her husband’s criminal business and ventured into the world of drug trafficking by agreeing to work for the criminal organization led by The Lord of the Skies, according to Prensa Libre.

Surprisingly, Dolores Camarena González was arrested in the United States in May 1986. She was accused of laundering money for the drug traffickers of the Juárez Cartel. After her arrest, an El Paso court in Texas sentenced the former beauty queen to 200 years in prison after presenting evidence linking her to the Juárez Cartel.

Dolores Camarena González was condemned by love

Dolores Camarena Gónzalez
PHOTO: Capture website PrensaLibre

The US authorities presented records of 58 deposits made by Dolores Camarena in Texas banks, according to Union Jalisco, which served as evidence to imprison her. Despite her initial sentence, Lolita was released after five years in a US prison and disappeared from the public eye forever.

The end of Olivares Cervantes was unknown, however rumors suggest that after his wife, Lolita, was released they continued their married life away from the world of drug trafficking and the Juárez Cartel in particular.

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