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Lizbeth Rodríguez shakes her body in a spicy video

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Lizbeth Rodríguez
  • Lizbeth Rodríguez leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • The former Exponiendo Infieles host has became an OnlyFans star.
  • She causes a commotion shaking her body.

In a busy week of hot scandals for stars like Babo, Karely Ruíz and the alleged nude photos of Ángela Aguilar that ended up being fake, now it’s Lizbeth Rodríguez’s turn. The presenter of Exponiendo Infieles on YouTube has become an OnlyFans star.

The Mexican beauty keeps going further for her OnlyFans subscribers and she gives us a taste of the content that people who pay a monthly fee can access on her official Twitter account.

Lizbeth Rodríguez is an OnlyFans star

Lizbeth Rodríguez broke loose

A few weeks ago, Lizbeth shared a photo of herself in lingerie sitting on her kitchen counter, promoting a brand of cereal, but her followers paid attention to ‘everything’ except the product, as she was overflowing out of her bra.

The comments said it all: “I love lingerie.” “Such beautiful breasts.” “I want to wake up with you.” “You are very beautiful.” “What a beautiful doll.” “My favorite cereal is you.” “Beautiful Mamacita.” “How sexy in that lingerie,” her fans wrote.

Lizbeth doesn’t like to leave much to the imagination

With her skin-deep charms

But that image was tame compared to a photograph that she has on her Twitter account in which she appears in a see-through pink top, tempting people to subscribe to her OnlyFans account where she has even more content with Celia Lora.

Although the “best” was yet to come. Lizbeth dared to celebrate the New Year in a red dress barely covering a thong that she gave us glimpses of as she twerked on a balcony.

Lizbeth Rodríguez asks to be “loved”

Lizbeth Rodríguez wiggles mercilessly

On January 1, to celebrate the New Year, Lizbeth Rodríguez began to dance on what looked like the balcony of an apartment. While she twerked with all her might, young people who passed in front of her and she didn’t even care.

In one part of the video, you can see how the former host of Exponiendo Infieles flashes her bum as her skirt exposes her thong. Of course, her fans were delighted.

Her spicy content inspires propositions

the butt exposed

Lizbeth Rodríguez loves titillating her fans and, on her OnlyFans account, she even has a video with Celia Lora that drove people crazy: “To give you a bite into those buttocks as if it were a hamburger.” “How delicious…” “Excellent photo.” “How I would like to eat it all!!” “How wonderful…” “How much to buy your content …”

People made all kinds of comments to Lizbeth: “Delicious” “What a delicious mommy.” “Most delicious dog.” “I love you by my side.” “Until I drown” “Who was going to imagine you like that in that position.” “What a delight.” “I had never seen that part.” SEE THE VIDEO OF LIZBETH RODRÍGUEZ TWERKING

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