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Unbelievable! Lizbeth Rodriguez is caught begging for money on the street (VIDEO)

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Lizbeth Rodríguez jugos naranja
  • Lizbeth Rodriguez is again involved in controversy.
  • Isn’t she earning enough on OnlyFans?
  • She’s harshly criticized for what she did in Colombia.

Once again, the Mexican influencer is in the eye of the storm. This time it’s because of what she did on a public street in Colombia. Infieles host, Lizbeth Rodriguez, was caught begging for money on the street and nobody could believe it.

The Tijuana-born host once again went viral on TikTok. And it was not for showing off her assets or for dancing sensually like she usually does. This time it was for doing something unthinkable.

Lizbeth Rodriguez is caught begging for money on the street

Lizbeth Rodriguez appears asking for money on the street
PHOTO: TikTok video capture

The Mexican host was filmed by social media users begging for money. What was even more surprising was how the OnlyFans model looked. This because everyone knows how much money she earns with her content on different platforms.

In the video, which now exceeds 7 million views, Lizbeth Rodríguez was dressed down, wearing casual jeans, a pink top, a green jacket, and tennis shoes.

Nobody can believe what the host looked like

Nobody can believe how the driver was seen
PHOTO: TikTok video capture

Lizbeth was not ashamed to beg for money on the streets of Bogotá, Colombia. In the video, you can hear what she says to a nice man who approached her to help and offer her some coins.

“Thank you very much, may God reward you. Hey, but it’s not enough for me, I asked you if you would give me nine hundred and you gave me two hundred,” said the Mexican presenter, obviously annoyed while she counted the coins in her hands.

«It’s only content to have more views»

Users did not hesitate to comment: "She's just content to get more views"
PHOTO: Tiktok video capture

Quickly, a large number of followers and users who came across the video expressed their opinions about Lizbeth Rodríguez’s uncomfortable situation, in the middle of the street.

«Just with the sneakers she’s wearing, she can sell them and eat for a month for sure.» «She lives better than us.» «It’s just content or marketing to have more views.» «Omg what happened to you?» were some of the comments.

So far the video exceeds 7 million views

So far the recording exceeds 7 million views
PHOTO: Tiktok video capture

Likewise, rumors indicated that the Infieles host is not going through a difficult time but that this was possibly a social experiment that she was recording for her main YouTube channel.

As of the time of writing this article, the popular TikTok video exceeds seven million views, more than 300,000 «likes» and at least 1,500 interactions between comments and number of times shared. Click here to see how Lizbeth Rodriguez appears begging for money on the street.

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