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You can now listen to MundoNOW news with ÓyenosNOW

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ÓyenosNOW, audio, news, player, MundoNOW
ÓyenosNOW / PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive
  • MundoNOW Presents ÓyenosNOW
  • Flexibility with News in Audio Format
  • Personalization, Downloads, and Digital Innovation

MundoNOW revolutionizes the news experience with its new audio player: ÓyenosNOW.

When nobody expected it, MundoNOW takes a bold step towards the future of information by introducing ÓyenosNOW, an innovative audio player.

With this, users can listen to the news instead of reading them, something many would have dreamed of.

But before you continue reading, we invite you to listen to the new podcast «Crímenes de Terror» by clicking HERE.


Podcast, Murder, Crímenes de Terror, Óyenos Audio, MundoNOW

It must be said that MundoNOW has made an effort to offer a more dynamic and accessible informational experience.

Its latest addition, ÓyenosNOW, is a revolutionary audio player that transforms the news into exciting auditory narratives.

With ÓyenosNOW, listeners can immerse themselves in the latest news while doing other activities: driving, exercising, or relaxing at home.

This new approach aims to provide flexibility to users, allowing them to consume the news conveniently and efficiently.

Introduction of Innovative Features

reproduction, innovation, content, download, MundoNOW, ÓyenosNOW
MundoNOW news can now be heard with ÓyenosNOW / PHOTO: MundoNOW

ÓyenosNOW not only presents an audio playback option for MundoNOW news.

It also incorporates innovative features, such as the ability to customize the playback speed.

In addition to the option to download content for offline listening.

With this launch, MundoNOW positions itself at the forefront of digital evolution in the news industry.

More Accessible and Engaging News

ÓyenosNOW, audio, readers, experience, audiovisual format, MundoNOW
PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

«We are excited to bring our readers a unique experience with ÓyenosNOW,» said the director of MundoNOW.

He also revealed that the combination of accurate information and audiovisual format will make the news more accessible and engaging.

In this way, they provide their audience with a new way to consume information in today’s ever-changing world.

Discover ÓyenosNOW and immerse yourself in a unique news experience with MundoNOW. Listen to the news instead of reading them!

What is ÓyenosNOW About?

Daniel Bisogno, host, Ventaneando, TV Azteca, MundoNOW
MundoNOW news can now be heard with ÓyenosNOW / PHOTO: MundoNOW

On the other hand, it is very easy to listen to a news item through ÓyenosNOW.

Let’s take as an example this note about television host Daniel Bisogno, who is still in the hospital.

By clicking on this interesting article, we will find the audio that will share this valuable information with the readers.

You just have to hit play and listen to the news instead of reading it. In this case, it won’t take you even three minutes.

Advantages of Listening to News Instead of Reading Them

Multitasking, accessibility, practicality, immersion, MundoNOW
MundoNOW news can now be heard with ÓyenosNOW / PHOTO: MundoNOW

Among the advantages of using ÓyenosNOW on the MundoNOW portal are the following:

Multitasking: Allows performing other activities while consuming information, as it does not require the visual attention dedicated to reading.

Accessibility: Facilitates access to information for people with visual impairments.

Practicality: It can be more practical in situations where reading is not possible or safe.

Audio narration can convey emotions

ÓyenosNOW, audio, narration, emotions, MundoNOW
PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

Finally, another advantage of using ÓyenosNOW on the MundoNOW portal is Emotional Connection.

In other words, audio narration can convey emotions in a way that written text sometimes fails to do.

There is also the Global Audience, which makes it easier to reach a wider audience, as it does not require reading skills.

Greater Retention: Some people find that they retain information better when listening to it rather than reading it. Are you one of these people?

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