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Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit

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  • The host posted a video on her Instagram account where she is seen happily dancing.
  • Lili Estefan in a red swimsuit aboard a yacht and with a sensual dance.
  • The attitude of the host of El Gordo y La Flaca was heavily criticized by Internet users.

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit: The host of the show El Gordo y La Flaca, Lili Estefan, welcomed the month of June and did it with all pomp and ceremony… dancing on top of a yacht and wearing a red suit, a sarong, sunglasses and a white hat.

In the video you can see the blonde with her usual smile, open arms and swaying her body to the rhythm of the music, the material immediately reached 123,399 views and thousands of comments, including that of the famous singer Thalía.

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit : Excited for the arrival of summer

Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit
PHOTO Instagram

“WELCOME #JUNE It smells like #SUMMER my beautiful people !!! and almost in the middle of # 2021 Happy Tuesday beauties Seguimosss #QueNoSeVueleMiSombrero #Miami #Boating ”, was what the Cuban-American wrote in her publication. WATCH VIDEO HERE

The first to comment on the publication was Thalía, who wrote “I love you, I want to be there by your side!”, But not all the comments were as affectionate as that of the singer, because several people gave her everything and harshly criticized her the niece of Emilio Estefan.

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit : “She thinks she’s a teenager since she’s single”

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit
PHOTO Instagram

“She thinks she’s a teenager since she’s single”, “She wants to draw the attention of some, she looks bad doing all that disfigurement”, “Come on … it already smells like you’re no longer young to go around making a fool of yourself”, “Since she separated from her husband, she just wants to show him what she missed … before she didn’t do those ridiculous poses.

The criticism towards Lili Estefan did not end: “Flaca, go to the gym, strengthen those legs, those muscles, you can”, “Let her behave according to her age. Ay Lili !! “,” Live life according to your age but that as if it is no longer for a woman of 50 and over you do not have to fall into that to show that you are happy “.

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit: “Vlol ridiculous, already sit down ma’am “

Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit
PHOTO Instagram

The comments on Lili Estefan’s publication continued: “And this horn now finds flavor in life”, “Ridiculous old woman, sit down ma’am”, “You are so unleashed since you have no husband”, “How ridiculous, it already smells like senior and she acts like 20… For me this is how she hides her insecurity and low self-esteem for being divorced ”.

Since Lili Estefan announced her divorce, she has received many expressions of affection from her followers, although many have also harshly criticized the attitude that the driver has taken since she separated from Lorenzo Lauces, who recently was in the eye of the hurricane.

Lili Estefan in red swimsuit: They criticize her on her birthday

Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit
PHOTO Instagram

But not only the divorce has put Lili Estefan in the eye of the hurricane, because when celebrating her most recent birthday, her followers pointed out her for not wearing face masks and they put: “when do you cover mouths”, because she celebrated in the forum of the program that he conducts with Raúl de Molina.

Through her social networks, the presenter, who was born on March 20, 1967 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, has shared a series of images and videos of the different ways in which she celebrated her anniversary, but there was one that caused more controversy. .

Red Lili Estefan: Celebrate as a family

Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit
PHOTO Instagram

With more than 200 thousand reproductions, in a publication you can see Lili Estefan accompanied by her daughter Lina Luaces, very happy singing the song Despacito with the members of a mariachi who gathered in this celebration.

With a flowery dress with a pronounced neckline and original sunglasses to protect herself from the sun, not counting her characteristic sense of humor, the Cuban driver seems to enjoy her birthday to the fullest, although she would not imagine the criticism she would receive from users.

“Ridiculous old woman”

PHOTO Instagram

While one person referred to Lili Estefan as a woman with money and success, not counting her “wealthy family”, someone else expressed herself in the following way: “Take off your glasses, it’s too early, they have already forgotten the mouthpiece . Those mariachis are everywhere, how scary ”.

“Oh God, they don’t wear a mouth cover”, “She’s drunk, that’s why she has glasses”, “Enough with so much birthday post, don’t be ridiculous”, “You pass the Covid through the lining”, “You look drunk and ridiculous “,” Do you already have the vaccine? “, Can be read in more comments.

The criticism does not stop

PHOTO Instagram

But that would not be all the criticism that Lili Estefan would receive after sharing a new video where she celebrates her birthday, since a user took the time to explain the reasons why the Cuban driver made a mistake. HERE THE VIDEO WHERE THE SCREEN CAPTURE FOR THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN

“Being a public figure, she should be more careful with the message she sends to her audience. It is irresponsible to put on social networks that the mask is no longer needed. You should go to the hospitals to see how the Covid patients are and how exhausted the nurses and doctors are. If she wants to celebrate as she pleases, fine, but the message she sends to her audience is lousy ”.

They did not respect the healthy distance

PHOTO Instagram

A detail that did not go unnoticed by a follower of the host Lili Estefan, was that, in addition to her and her daughter Lina Luaces, who bears an enormous physical resemblance to her, the guests did not have mouth covers on their birthday either: “All without covers mouths and without healthy distance, what fear ”.

“And the Covid? Why do they have family reunions? The pandemic is killing many lives worldwide “,” It is good to enjoy, but with precautions, even if they are family and Covid is still at its peak and you have to be aware, Lili, and the vaccine is not for you not to the Covid, if not to prevent that the symptoms do not give you so strong “, expressed some users.

Very well paid

PHOTO Instagram

On the other hand, many people will wonder: How much does Lili Estefan earn? It is the question that many ask about the famous presenter of El Gordo y La Flaca. After a long career, the ‘Flaca’ has a fortune that to date amounts to 10 million Dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

This is a multi-faceted woman, so her earnings do not come only from the program she has hosted with Raúl de Molina since 1998, although it is true that it leaves both of them a good amount of money, because it is broadcast on primetime and has a huge following.

Always on tv

PHOTO Instagram

Lili Estefan was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. This young woman began her professional career in television in the mid-80s when she participated as a model in the program Sábado Gigante, along with the renowned presenter Don Francisco.

Brightness. Was highlighted. And he also accompanied Don Francisco in his next television project called “Don Francisco Presenta…”, but years later he embarked on a new path, although not far from the cameras. This time with the fat Raúl de Molina.

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