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Lili Estefan speaks out about William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s divorce

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Lili Estefan Gordo y la Flaca Lina Luaces presenta a su pareja
  • Host of El Gordo y la Flaca reacts to William’s separation.
  • Lili Estefan speaks out about the actors’ breakup.
  • Internet users blame the Spanish actress for the divorce.

Last week, William Levy surprised many of his followers after publicly announcing through his Instagram stories that his romantic relationship with the mother of his children had come to an end, sparking great controversy on social media.

“We want to let you know that after thinking it over, we have decided to end our relationship. But we’ll still be the beautiful family that we are and the best parents for our children. That will never change,” the renowned Cuban soap opera actor shared in his stories.

Lili Estefan makes statements about William Levy’s alleged divorce

Lili Estefan launches statements
Photo: Instagram

It should be remembered that the message that the actor shared in his stories was only visible for a few minutes since William Levy quickly deleted it. A few days ago, according to People en Español, it was noted that during Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca program, Lili Estefan, who is a close friend of the couple, didn’t show any concern about what happened.

According to the entertainment magazine, her co-host Carlos Calderón was the one who asked Lili the question, “Have you already spoken to William Levy?” So the host of the program immediately replied without thinking, “Why?” After that, she said that it was not the first time that this had happened with the couple.

The host of El Gordo y la Flaca says that this is not the first time they have separated

Lili Estefan launches statements
Photo: Instagram

“This is not the first time and that is why we say this happened ‘again.’ Do you think that this time I was worried? Everyone is waiting for me to say something, but I haven’t talked to William Levy,” said the host of El Gordo y la Flaca when asked by her co-host.

According to People en Español, the presenter acknowledged that she was very surprised that the soap opera heartthrob put out that message. She said the following: “Because in recent months I have seen them very close together. In other words, they have been seen, I don’t know, on Instagram together, working… He put it and deleted it. Everything, gentlemen, is very strange.” Filed Under: Lili Estefan releases statements.

The host of El Gordo y la Flaca made statements about the divorce of her ‘little brother’ William Levy

The presenter of 'El Gordo y la Flaca' made statements after the separation from her 'little brother'
Photo: Instagram

Lili Estefan said that they are one of the most beautiful couples in show business and she said that they both believe a lot in family. This makes her doubt that they are really divorcing. “They are one of the most beautiful couples and I love them both. William is like my little brother and I constantly scold him because of course… We’ll see,” added Estefan.

Those were Lili Estefan’s statements after her co-host questioned her if she had spoken to the actor. Those were the only comments that the host of El Gordo y la Flaca shared during a broadcast of the program. She has not made any further comments in this regard.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez reappeared on social media

Elizabeth Gutiérrez reappeared on social networks
Photo: Instagram

After her separation from the Cuban actor William Levy, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez reappeared on social media. She spoke for the first time about how she is feeling. However, followers are surprised after seeing her in the arms of another man.

After sharing this message, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez continued her life as “if nothing had happened.” On social media, the native US native looked more confident and serene than ever, posting several thoughts with the gorgeous, sexy photos she shared. Filed Under: Lili Estefan releases statements.

Levy’s would-be-ex posted a thoughtful message

Who would be Levy's ex-partner made a publication as a reflection
Photo: Instagram

According to the magazine Quien, in her last post, Elizabeth Gutiérrez wrote a message a few days before her separation from William Levy was announced. Under the photograph, where only the happy face of the 42-year-old actress can be seen, Ely posted the following: “Speaking heals the soul.”

Various followers have been sharing messages of support on these posts where Elizabeth Gutiérrez seems happier than ever: “You are worth gold and God is going to bless you by putting someone who values ​​you by your side.” “You deserve better, without a doubt.”

William Levy’s alleged infidelities come to light

Levy's infidelities come to light
Photo: Instagram

There were many rumors that William Levy had been unfaithful to the businesswoman with his soap opera co-stars — from Maite Perroni, Jacky Bracamontes to even Ximena Navarrete — causing their relationship to become quite strained.

This immediately led internet users to speculate even more about the announcement of their separation. What isn’t clear is why the Cuban actor decided to immediately delete the story. He may have regretted making it public, but unfortunately social media keeps everything. Filed Under: Lili Estefan releases statements.

Internet users blame the actress Alicia Sanz for the couple’s separation

Internet users blame the actress Alicia Sanz for the fact that the couple of actors separated
Photo: Instagram

Many of the couple’s followers speculated that the culprit for the separation of William and Elizabeth was Alicia Sanz. According to Mag, the actor met her in 2018 when he was filming In the arms of a murderer and they shot intense scenes for together. It is rumored that the soap opera heartthrob fell in love as soon as he saw the Spanish.

That is why the admirers of the relationship that William had with the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez blame Alicia Sanz for having caused the end of their marriage. It is worth mentioning that this has not been confirmed, these just are theories that internet users have shared after news of the couple’s separation came out. Filed Under: Lili Estefan Releases Statements,

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