Inicio » English » More curves? Lili Estefan shows off her rearguard in a bikini in the style of JLo (PHOTOS)

More curves? Lili Estefan shows off her rearguard in a bikini in the style of JLo (PHOTOS)

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  • Lili Estefan posts incredible vacation photos.
  • She shows off her rear in a bikini.
  • She’s with her daughter in the Bahamas.

Like a mermaid: Lili Estefan surprises her millions of followers on social networks by posting several photographs of her showing her rear in a bikini very much in the style of singer Jennifer López. Fans of the host affirm that she looks like a beautiful and happy mermaid.

Lili Estefan is currently one of the most beloved and admired hosts among Latinos thanks to the program she shares with Raúl de Molina El Gordo y la Flaca, and, in addition to her lovable personality, the also niece of producer Emilio Estefan has a peculiar beauty, which she constantly shows off on social networks.

In a bikini she shows off her rear in a bikini in the style of JLo

In a bikini she shows off her rear in a bikini in the style of JLo
PHOTO: Instagram

It was through her official Instagram account where Lili Estefan would surprise her more than 2 million followers by publishing several photographs of the Cuban woman during her trip to the paradisiacal beaches of the Bahamas, where the woman At 56 years old, she would show off her rear in a bikini very much in the style of JLo.

In the images, published just a few hours ago, the Cuban appeared watching the sky while walking among the waves of the sea, in these snapshots, you can see Lili from behind, while a two-piece butterfly bikini steals all the attention, due to that accentuated her curvy body.

Lili Estefan shocks everyone by showing off her stunning rearguard in a butterfly bikini

Lili Estefan shocks everyone by showing off her stunning rearguard in a butterfly bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

At the bottom of the images, which generated a great impact among Internet users when they saw the driver showing off her rear in a bikini, the conductive He sent a positive message to all his followers, calling for them to live fully and be happy in every moment of their lives:

“The greatest effort that exists is to be happy, being happy is an everyday task. GOD, DESIRE, DISCIPLINE AND DETERMINATION, DO NOT STOP EVER, WE FOLLOWSSSSS “wrote the Cuban in her photographs, which already contains more than 18 thousand likes and endless comments, flattering how beautiful she looked in the images.

“You look like a mermaid” they write to Lili Estefan in photography, showing the rearguard in a bikini in the style of JLo

PHOTO: Instagram

Various comments began to arrive at the photographs of Lili Estefan showing off the rear in a bikini, where users were fascinated with the beauty and the great body that the driver showed off on social networks, also wishing her great happiness for her and her whole family:

“I admire your integrity and that you did not allow yourself to be overcome by feelings, continue like this, and be happy, beautiful”, May you always be happy, my beautiful friend “,” Uff, implement beautiful “,” What a beautiful photo, enjoy your vacation “,” Beautiful and sexy legs “,” Beautiful legs, God bless you “,” Chula doll “,” Perfect my beautiful lady “,” Beautiful body of the skinny “.

“Enjoy, you deserve it” they comment to Lili Estefan during her vacation where she appears in a bikini and showing off the rear

PHOTO: Instagram

After Lili Estefan showed off her tremendous rear in a fitted bikini very much in the style of JLo, the Cuban driver seems to be having a great time on her vacation in the Bahamas, since after sharing that sexy photograph, the also model surprised with several photographs in where she appeared more beautiful than ever.

This time there were several snapshots where Lili was sitting on a bunk, while I showed off a two-piece navy blue bikini, along with glasses and a huge hat, at the bottom of said photograph, Lily wrote the following: “Bahamas suck to life” these images generated more than 10,000 likes in a matter of hours.

Enjoy with the family: Lili Estefan shows off the rear in a fitted bikini

PHOTO: Instagram

It was a few months ago when Lili Estefan’s family went through an extremely complicated situation due to the divorce that took place between the driver and her ex-partner Lorenzo Luaces, after this, the family left this sad chapter in the past and now enjoy a well-deserved vacation together, where at least Lili and her daughter Lina Luaces did.

Since after having published his red hot Photographs where she showed her rear in a bikini, the Cuban did not miss the opportunity to show her followers how much fun she was having in the company of her friends and her daughter in the Bahamian sea, who with a big smile, enjoyed even more of life in this heavenly sea.

Lili Estefan is criticized for her body and for wearing a red swimsuit

PHOTO: Instagram

Before Lili Estefan made an impact by showing her rear in a fitted bikini very much in the style of JLo, the driver welcomed the month of July by appearing dancing on top of a yacht wearing a red suit, a sarong, sunglasses and a White hat.

In the video, which was shared through her official Instagram account, the blonde can be seen with her characteristic smile, open arms and shaking her body to the rhythm of the music, the material immediately reached 123,399 views and thousands of views. comments, including that of the famous singer Thalía.

Lili Estefan excited for the arrival of summer

PHOTO: Instagram

Filed as Lili Estefan bikini rearguard: “WELCOME #JUNE It smells like #SUMMER my beautiful people !!! and almost in the middle of # 2021 Happy Tuesday beauties Seguimosss #QueNoSeVueleMiSombrero #Miami #Boating ”, was what the Cuban-American wrote in her publication. WATCH VIDEO HERE

The first to comment on the publication was Thalía, who wrote “I love you, I want to be there by your side!”, But not all the comments were as affectionate as that of the singer, because several people gave her everything and harshly criticized her the niece of Emilio Estefan.

“She thinks she’s a teenager since she’s single”

Lili estefan
PHOTO: Instagram

“She thinks she’s a teenager since she’s single”, “She wants to draw the attention of some, she looks bad doing all that disfigurement”, “Come on … it already smells like you’re no longer young to go around making a fool of yourself”, “Since she separated from her husband, she just wants to show him what she lost… before she didn’t do those ridiculous poses ”.

The criticism towards Lili Estefan did not end: “Flaca, go to the gym, strengthen those legs, those muscles, you can”, “Let her behave according to her age. Ay Lili !! “,” Live life according to your age but that as if it is no longer for a woman of 50 and over you do not have to fall into that to show that you are happy “. Filed as Lili Estefan Bikini Rear

“Ridiculous old woman, sit down ma’am”

Lili estefan
PHOTO: Instagram

Filed as Lili Estefan bikini rearguard: The comments in Lili Estefan’s publication continued: “And this pole now finds flavor in life”, “Ridiculous old woman, sit down ma’am”, “She has been so unbound since she has no husband”, “How ridiculous, she already smells like a senior and acts like 20 … For me this is how she hides her insecurity and low self-esteem for being divorced.”

Since Lili Estefan announced her divorce, she has received many expressions of affection from her followers, although many have also harshly criticized the attitude that the driver has taken since she separated from Lorenzo Lauces, who recently was in the eye of the hurricane.

They criticize her on her birthday

Lili estefan
PHOTO: Instagram

But not only the divorce has put Lili Estefan in the eye of the hurricane, because when celebrating her most recent birthday, her followers pointed out her for not wearing face masks and they put: “when do you cover mouths”, because she celebrated in the forum of the program that he conducts with Raúl de Molina.

Through her social networks, the presenter, who was born on March 20, 1967 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, has shared a series of images and videos of the different ways in which she celebrated her anniversary, but there was one that caused more controversy. . Filed under Lili Estefan Bikini Rear. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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