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Like Luis Fonsi did to Adamari López? Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez’s Ex receives threats for ‘leaving her’

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  • The Spanish actor, Lenard Vanderaa, asks for the attacks on him and his family to stop.
  • After ending his relationship with Daniella Álvarez, the actor received threats.
  • In his video he said that: «it’s outrageous to hear that I abandoned her for another woman, because she doesn’t have a leg, because I wanted followers».

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats. The Spanish actor, Lenard Vanderaa, uploaded a video to his official Instagram account where he announced that after his breakup with former Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez, he started receiving threats. Users also gave their opinion on the matter. Did he do the same as Luis Fonsi did to Adamari López when she needed him most?

Daniella Álvarez is recovering satisfactorily and continues her life after part of her left leg was amputated, but it is now her ex, the Spanish Lenard Vanderaa, who apparently is paying for having left her, since he has even received threats.

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats: Thanks him in networks

Ex-Miss Colombia's boyfriend Daniella Álvarez receives threats after ending their relationship
PHOTO Instagram

It was through People in Spanish magazine that Colombian Daniella Álvarez confirmed that her relationship with Lenard Vanderaa had come to an end. However, after a publication made by Miss Colombia 2011 where she thanked the people who were with her a year after having pointed part of her leg, including her ex, it was not very well received by many.

“The one who showed me the meaning of unconditional love every day, Lenard Vanderaa. Today we are not together, but the meaning it has in this process I cannot explain in words. Infinite thanks ”, expressed the Colombian model in a photograph of both embraced. However, the story goes back to what happened years ago with Luis Fonsi who abandoned Adamari López while she was suffering from breast cancer.

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats: Receives threats

Ex-Miss Colombia's boyfriend Daniella Álvarez receives threats after ending their relationship
PHOTO Instagram

After this publication, the attacks against the Spanish actor were so many that he had to go out to defend himself on his social networks. Lenard Vanderaa assured that she received threats after her separation was made public on May 15, the day she recalled that she had been ischemia just a year ago, People magazine reported in Spanish.

In the video that Lenard Vanderaa uploaded to his official Instagram account, he denied having left Daniella Álvarez when he lost his leg and with great annoyance he denounced that he and his family they had received threats on the networks after the publication of the Colombian model.

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats: From love to hate

Ex-Miss Colombia's boyfriend Daniella Álvarez receives threats after ending their relationship
PHOTO Instagram

Lenard Vanderaa expressed in the video that: “Yes it is true that during the whole process of last year, I received many beautiful messages, of support, of affection, for everything that happened and what you already know… But then there are many messages that I have been receiving for months, day after day, many insults, disrespect, even threats against me ”.

With a serious demeanor, the Spanish actor narrated that these messages had crossed the line, since in many of them they already messed with his family and threatened him with death: “then a line was crossed, they got into my family, with my mother, with my sister, who have nothing to do with my life … Or with my life with another relationship with another person ”. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats: Clarifies rumors

Ex-Miss Colombia's boyfriend Daniella Álvarez receives threats after ending their relationship
PHOTO Instagram

In the recording, the actor continued explaining why he was in Spain and clarified that he did not abandon Daniella Álvarez: “There are always two versions in a story, and I am not here in Spain because I fled or because I abandoned it, if I am in Spain it is because I had to leave due to circumstances, and my visa has nothing to do with it … «, he said.

Regarding the rumors that arose after his break with the Colombian model, in which they said that he was the culprit, the Spaniard said: «So it is very strong to hear that I abandoned her for another, because she is missing a leg, because she wanted followers» , he expressed indignantly.

Daniella Álvarez ex-boyfriend threats: He sent him his best wishes

Ex-Miss Colombia's boyfriend Daniella Álvarez receives threats after ending their relationship
PHOTO Instagram

“I believe that simply what I did as a normal person, is to be supporting his partner in the most difficult moments of his life because he needed me, and I did it and I was there for four hours a day, for months, because it was the woman that I wanted, and I did it and I would do it again if we go back, ”said the Spaniard.

And he continued: «… but people do not know what is happening and like another normal couple, it is over and each one has taken their own path, and I simply wish Daniella the best, in her life always, from the heart, that be happy and that’s it, it’s just that ”, concluded the Spanish actor.

«And is such a threat true?»

PHOTO Instagram

In social networks, users immediately expressed their opinion: “Well, it is your right if you do not want to continue with it. You do not have to feel sorry for her or stay with her for that, we must learn to respect, no one is obliged to stay with someone just to avoid looking bad !!! ”.

«It is not mandatory to be with her after putting on a tremendous show for that», «And is such a threat true? Or is it that he is looking for representation in the media and to attract followers? «,» Did he really love her? One will come who loves her as she is. Force Daniella! ”Some people commented.

«When he most needs it, he abandons her»

Lenard Vanderaa
PHOTO Instagram

«That was seen to come so much show and look when he needs it most, he abandons her», «The one who left ‘, it is not necessary, it is necessary the one who will come», «It seems very healthy and consistent, you should not continue with your relationship if They no longer get along, whatever it is, she is going through a difficult process that only she has to face with that strength and security that she has always shown, it is over, it seems good to me that each one takes their course, we have to overcome things, relationships break down, life is not rosy, life is moments that must be lived alone or in company! The boy has nothing to do with it! ”.

«You are free to do whatever you want … it is your right …», «He did not sign a contract to stay with her until death it does not work and now», «Then there was no true love, love never gives up», » Well, I think the worst thing is that he stays out of pity, that’s life, he is within his rights and there is no reason to condemn him ”.

They compare him with Luis Fonsi

Lenard Vanderaa
PHOTO Instagram

People in Spanish users continued with the comments, and even compared the case with what happened years ago between the singer Luis Fonsi and the host Adamari López, “The same as Fonsi, he left Adamari when he found out about cancer, men! »

«The young man is free to be with the person he wants … and one has to respect …», «He did not love her, it was all show point, and that does not merit understanding, but he does not have to go and put a microphone on it … who loves he is not leaving, period gentlemen, but let him be behind his moment of fame ”.

They relive the Fonsi-Adamari case

Daniella Álvarez and Lenard Vanderaa
PHOTO Instagram

The case of Fonsi and Adamari was much mentioned, as they did on the social networks of the show program Suelta la Sopa, where they commented: “It happened like with Luis Fonsi and Adamari López”. «Feeling forced to be with someone just because of what happened to the girl is not love!»

«If her love is over, it is better that I leave her. Nobody deserves to be with someone they don’t love. And she deserves the best. Both «,» The one who gave everything in that relationship was him. She lives for her brother and is the one who has all the leading role in her life. He was the one who really looked in love. God allow him to find a good woman who will not use it as a step this time, and give him the woman he deserves ”.

«The new Luis Fonsi»

Daniella Álvarez and Lenard Vanderaa
PHOTO Instagram

Criticisms of the Spanish actor continued: «The new Luis Fonsi», «I thought the same, another Luis Fonsi», «It is not required, each one in his own way, period», «They cannot force him to stay with her just for compassion «,» Hey, the guy was by his side in the most difficult moments, I think that counts more and nobody knows what really happened.

“Like any couple who are left… .ah but since her leg is missing, they want to create scandals Daniela, a woman worthy of admiration not of victimizing”, “No one is forced to be where they no longer want to be… Bye, Bye, bye, What if it couldn’t be done ”. HERE THE VIDEO WHERE THE SCREEN CAPTURE FOR THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN. Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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